Sewing for Friends: Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021


Do your friends always comment enviously on the handmade items that you have made for you and your family? Why not make them something special, unique, and personalized for Christmas 2021? Get planning and shopping so that you are fully prepared when the end of the year rolls around with bells ringing.

There are so many options to choose from and personalizing each gift adds that special touch. Whatever you decide to make for each friend, add their name or initials in embroidery. Choose a fabric that relates to their hobbies or interests, like Star Wars themes, gardening themes, or beauty themes. Think of their favorite color that they always wear or the color scheme that they have used to decorate their home. If there is something that you see they use a lot, and would need more of, then go for that, e.g., hair scrunchies, tote bags, or face masks.

For the Beauty Queen Friend

For this friend, you can make a beautiful makeup bag to hold all her treasures. She would also appreciate reusable makeup remover pads (these are perfect for the eco-conscious friend too), and even a makeup brush roll to store brushes in order and in style. Add a gimmick gift of a few sleeping eye masks – color-coded or denoting the days of the week.

For the Traveler Friend

We all have that one friend who is a born wanderer. Make him or her a personalized funky passport cover. Why not make their traveling experience easier with a custom-made laptop bag? Add in some handy pockets for their cables and headphones so they can play online slots via on the go while not disturbing their fellow passengers. A notebook cover makes a great gift for a travel journal. For all-weather options, you can make a sunglasses case, fleece ear warmers, or even a cotton scarf (this keeps off the chills but will not overheat the wearer on those in-between days).

For the House-Proud Friend

There are so many wonderful options of what you could make for this friend, and it could become an ongoing gift that is added to each birthday or holiday. Consider making a beautiful tablecloth set with matching napkins and placemats to match their color scheme and theme. Personalized tea towels are a winner in the kitchen along with an apron to match. Potholders are quick and easy to whip up as well as coasters and cushions to match their outdoor entertainment area. A handcrafted quilt for their bed is a gift that will be treasured. The list goes on.

For the Exercise Junkie Friend

For that friend who is forever in the gym or yoga studio, why not make a useful yoga mat bag? Non-slip headbands are great for fitness lovers and you can make these in a range of colors and designs.

For All the Other Friends

Still not found that perfect gift to make for one of your friends? Think again – you can make a purse organizer (to keep the contents of their bag separate and easily accessible), a tie or a bowtie, a magnetic fabric bookmark, a quilted hot water bottle holder, or even lavender-infused pocket-size heat packs.

Homemade gifts are made with extra love, extra thought, and extra attention to detail. Your friends will treasure whatever you decide to make for them as you have spent your time and effort creating something unique and special, especially for them.

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