Shaker Kitchen – Everything You Need to Know


You might have heard about a shaker style kitchen – the modernity it adds to an ordinary kitchen, the fuss-free design it embodies, and the durability it endures. But what makes this kitchen style a unique pick among others?

A shaker kitchen has a minimal, clean design that is well suited for both contemporary and classic style kitchens. With little to no ornamentation, this style remains very close to clutter-free design and adds a sophisticated look to the new fitted kitchen.

The concept behind creating such a minimal style was to keep this kitchen range timeless and practical. The practicality over style depicts through the shaker kitchen designs and makes it look traditional and chic at the same time. And if you value aesthetics and at the same time are looking for an extremely durable kitchen worktop, you must opt for SILESTONE WORKTOPS.

Where does the shaker kitchen style come from?

Just like this kitchen style, the history of its origin itself is also quite interesting. The shaker kitchen style was founded back in 1700 by a religious sect, shakers, who believed that simplicity and productivity is the essence to lead a peaceful life. They believed that no adornment can dominate over utility and make one feel too self-obsessed. The same mindset is depicted through their furniture pieces. The plain cabinets, tapered and turned legs are the characteristics of this style, depicted from their common beliefs.

Shakers’ notion of simplicity and utility is exhibited through their crafting process which is witnessed in their crafted furniture’s style. These vintage kitchen furniture designs have not lost their charm even after ages and continue to embroider a kitchen space without any fancy add-ons. Also, prefer the best interior design that gives you home the best Luxury Kitchens look.

What materials are used in shaker kitchens?

Specs of Shaker Kitchen Units

The material quality is the most considerable element while choosing a furniture style. With shaker kitchen style, you would love to know that these ageless pieces are made with natural and sustainable materials such as maple, oak and birchwood. Since Shakers used to love deep and rich colours, they originally created these pieces in dark and earthy tones. Nowadays, Oak is widely used to manufacture shaker kitchens due to its sturdy design and plush patterns.

Specs of Shaker Kitchen Units

Being a minimal style kitchen, Shaker Kitchen doors comprise a flat central panel and a raised rectangular classic frame. Despite having no or minimal decoration, these five pieces combine to give an ultra-sophisticated and contemporary look to a kitchen.

The shaker doors’ handles used to be manufactured out of wood but in modern kitchens, you will see metal handles dominating the kitchen cabinetry. Neither fancy nor expensive – keeping up with the essence of shakers’ belief.

The clean-lined shaker kitchen design sits well with all types of kitchens. Even in today’s shaker kitchen cabinets, you will see less adornment and better utility. One of the substantial specs of shaker kitchens is the primary color palette that has been adopted. Besides that, many people choose to oil overpainting, keeping the natural wood tone shining in the kitchen.

Are Shaker kitchens in fashion?

Shaker kitchens never date and always give a state-of-the-art feel to the kitchen cabinets. This kitchen design has all the traditional appeal but there is always room to make little changes. You can also change the color palette and go for neutrals. A kitchen company providing kitchen design service can guide you through the process and help you adjust the small meaningful changes.

For those who love to style their kitchens in a modish yet modest pattern, there are various shaker kitchen ideas to go with. Shaker kitchens enhance less-cluttered design but this is not the only point of purchasing these kitchen units. Quality is always the top trait while purchasing a kitchen unit and especially the kitchen cabinets. With Shaker kitchen doors, the top-notch quality and supreme functionality is assured

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