Shopify Liquid – you can be a beginner to use it!

If you are taking your first steps in setting up an online store, you will need access to basic knowledge. If you’ve decided to create a Shopify store, you’ll start by selecting Shopify Themes and customizing by using Shopify Liquid. What is this template language and why is it worth using it properly and what makes it being used on many different software projects?

  • Shopify Liquid—what is it?
  • Shopify themes based on Liquid Code—what are the benefits of using it?
  • How to use this code in your Shopify Store?

Shopify Liquid—what is it?

Shopify stores are based on a template engine that runs on Liquid. That is why it is so important to take care of learning Liquid, because the final appearance of the online store, its layout and functionality will depend on its support.

If you know how to edit a Liquid file, you can decide which Liquid objects are static content or dynamic content. When you edit code, use Liquid filters, or Liquid tags, you can completely control flow, which determines and produce visible output.

These functions in the Shopify theme are used by web developers and people who run their own store online, choose a product template and adapt it to their brand. You can learn more about these Liquid files at:

Shopify themes based on Liquid Code—what are the benefits of using it?

These template languages work as an open source template language. You can use the easy-to-use theme editor and learn the basics of this language, which together with the standard HTML code will allow you to make major changes and customize the template to your needs.

You don’t have to be a developer to use assets folder, filters, database, any tag to start customizing your store and making it look unique.

If you spend some time learning this code, you will be able to modify the store, all the products, manage filters and create conditions on your own in the future, which will determine the intuitiveness of using your online store. For more information on Liquid basics, visit:

How to use this code in your Shopify Store?

Start learning Shopify by installing it, unless you use the Shopify client panel—then you don’t need to install anything.

Select a template, make and save changes in the editor. If you want to use the editor in an advanced way, use ready-made commands and terminal tools. Also, learn how to use the terminal and install the correct Ruby language version.

For more on programming and using Liquid, visit the website mentioned above. If you master the basics, the next steps in learning to program this language template will be more understandable and intuitive for you.