Should I Own a Gun? Here Are 8 Reasons Why You May Want to Get One


Maybe you fear for your safety? Perhaps you’re looking to fit in with your friends? Whatever the case may be, you’ve been wondering: should I own a gun?

While owning a gun isn’t an absolute necessity, it does come with a number of benefits. Wondering what kinds of benefits come with gun ownership? Then read on.

Here are 8 reasons why you may want to buy yourself a 9mm pistol. Also, find out where you can buy high-quality, but affordable ar15 build kits online.

Why Should I Own a Gun?

Over the last few years, gun owners have been branded in a negative light. But the fact of the matter is that owning a gun gives you a number of advantages. These advantages include the following.

1. Guns Provide Protection

Whether we like it or not, there are unscrupulous individuals living in this world. These individuals run the gamut from intruders to thieves to murderers and everything in between. And while many of us are lucky enough to go through life without encountering these individuals head-on, some of us aren’t.

Should you ever become part of the latter group, you’ll wish you had a gun. A gun is a protective device and is capable of staving off scary individuals with bad intentions.

It doesn’t even necessarily need to be fired. The mere sight of a gun is usually enough for an unscrupulous individual to head for the hills. After all, just because he or she wants to cause trouble doesn’t mean that he or she wants to lose his or her life.

Remember: some individuals only respond to intimidation. When necessary, a gun will produce the level of fear required, regardless of the size of the person holding it.

2. Guns Aren’t Nearly as Dangerous As You Think

You watch the news and you learn of shootings and you can’t help but grow a distaste for guns. This is an understandable reaction. However, in truth, guns aren’t nearly as dangerous as you think.

Yes, gun-related murders happen. Yes, many of them are tragic. But when you compare the number of gun-related murders to the number of guns in existence, you start to see just how rare gun violence is.

There were 15,292 gun-related murders in the United States in 2019. At first glance, this seems substantial (after all, any more than 0 is a problem). But when you consider that there are approximately 330 million people living in the United States, you realize that this 15,292 comprises only around .0045% of the total population.

In comparison, there were approximately 38,800 car accident-related deaths in 2019. So, in other words, it’s far more dangerous to drive than it is to own a gun.

In short, there’s no need to fear gun ownership. As long as your practice safe storage and use, you’ll likely remain safe.

3. Shooting Is a Great Hobby

Guns aren’t just about protection. Guns can be a lot of fun as well. A day at the shooting range is not only a way to challenge yourself, but a great way to relieve stress also.

There are all types of shooting games to keep you occupied. You can start off shooting at stationary targets. From there, you can move on to clay pigeons and other moving targets.

As your skill level increases, your self-esteem will improve. And as your self-esteem improves, shooting will transform from just a fun hobby into a personally fulfilling one. You never know; you might even make some friends while doing it.

4. Guns are Fun to Collect

The first gun was made in the 10th century. Since then, all types of guns have seen their time in the proverbial sun.

With such a long history to their name, guns are far more than just weapons of protection and war. They’re collectibles, almost like historical artifacts or art pieces.

There are tons of gun collectors out there. These individuals are perpetually trying to add to their collections, finding weapons from different countries, different eras, different wars, and so on. You could even try building your own firearms using an 80% jig to build your collection!

If you’re the collecting type, you might be interested in pursuing a gun collection of your own. It’s an expensive hobby, but a fulfilling one all the same.

5. To Get Involved in Hunting

Hunting has been handed a bad rap as of late. But regardless of what anyone says, it’s a necessary part of maintaining a society. As such, if you’re interested in pursuing it, you have no reason to be ashamed.

Of course, if you’re going to get involved in hunting, you’re going to need a weapon. And while you can certainly use a crossbow, if you’re like most hunters out there, you would rather make use of a gun such as the ones from Aero Precision.

There are a variety of hunting rifles available for purchase, some for as low as $200. So, regardless of your budget, you should be able to purchase a new one in time for the next hunting season.

6. Gun Ownership Turns You Into a More Responsible Person

There is certainly a fair share of irresponsible gun owners out there in the world. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, those individuals would be irresponsible regardless of whether they owned guns. For those of us with a responsible bone in our body, gun ownership only serves to make us more responsible.

See, owning a gun is like owning a nice car. Do car enthusiasts let their cars go to waste?

Of course not! They take care of their cars as if they were babies.

The same goes for gun ownership. Gun owners do everything they can to maintain and protect their valuable weapons. They learn how to take care of something important, and then transfer that capability to other areas of their lives.

7. Gun Ownership Improves Your Confidence

Another reason you should consider investing in a gun is that gun ownership improves confidence. Not only does it improve confidence by allowing you to feel safe in select situations but it also improves confidence by facilitating fun new hobbies like shooting and gun collecting.

A gun can provide a person with mental strength, not in a wild and chaotic way, but in a safe and controlled way. And the more mental strength a person possesses, the more confident he or she will feel.

8. Guns Rarely Depreciate

It’s true that guns can be a little expensive. The cheapest run at a little over $100. As such, you might be hesitant to put any money towards them.

But what you must understand about guns is that they rarely depreciate. While a used gun is cheaper than a brand new gun, a 4-year-old gun is usually going to be the same price as a 10-year-old gun.

So, should you ever be hard-up for cash, you can simply sell your gun to a local buyer. As long as you’ve taken decent care of it, you should expect it to get a decent monetary return.

Is There Any Reason Not to Buy a Gun?

In truth, most individuals would benefit from having a gun. That said, there are some reasons to avoid gun ownership. They include the following.

Guns Can Be Expensive

As we noted above, guns can be a little expensive. Most handguns run at around $250 with the cheapest coming in at a little over $100. Rifles, on the other hand, average around $400, with the cheapest coming in at a little over $200.

If you’re like many individuals, you don’t have a few hundred spare bucks just laying around. Any extra money that you do have might go toward retirement savings or a child’s college fund.

You Might Not Be Ready to Own a Gun Responsibly

Unfortunately, not all gun ownership is responsible gun ownership. And if you can’t own a gun responsibly, you don’t really have any business owning one at all.

But what is responsible gun ownership? It includes not only proper gun use but proper gun storage and care as well.

You must know when and where your gun can be drawn. You must know how to load and fire it safely. You must remember to engage its safety mechanism.

You must also have a proper storage entity for your gun. In most cases, this is a gun safe. However, if the gun is equipped with a trigger lock, it could be stored safely in a drawer as well.

In short, if you aren’t prepared to own a gun in an educated and responsible manner, you shouldn’t buy one. Guns are dangerous weapons and must be handled with care.

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