Should universities help students get a job after they graduate?


Getting a job after graduation may entirely not be the responsibility of a graduate, but it may be important to take it upon yourself to look for a job. Whether a university should help you get a job after you graduate or not is neither here or there. A university may choose to get you a job, but in most cases, it is not obliged to do so. Therefore, universities can assist, but it is not a requirement for them to help graduates secure jobs.

Part of the skills given to students is the ability to market themselves and get a job out there in the market. Students can get help from ace  my  homework  services online, but at the end of it all, searching for a job will mainly be upon them. In an effort of marketing themselves, universities consider sending their graduates to certain organizations for employment. All the same, the extent to which they will do that depends on their ambition and mission.

University Help in Search for Jobs

Proponents of the idea that universities should help graduates get jobs to believe institutions of higher learning should do more than giving students skills. Showing them how to apply them can perfectly be implemented by helping them get jobs. For that reason, they believe that learning is not complete for students until they secure a job.

The failure by universities to get graduates jobs is thought to be inappropriate by those who support this notion. Actually, the main reason why they believe one should go to school is that the university will help them secure a job after the end of it all. Universities are therefore believed to solve the unemployment crisis we have experienced in recent times.

Universities Helping with Job search is a Fallacy

Getting graduates jobs is considered a big fallacy because it is, in essence, not the work of universities to do so. Opponents to this idea believe that adults have come of age and do not need further help upon graduation. It is a time for them to bridge theory and practice hence the need to work out a way of meeting their needs in the job market.

In their view, opponents believe this kind of approach will never make students ready for anything in life. Even though the university can recommend them to certain institutions for employment, the final decision on whether they will get employed or not will solely rely on their input during the interview. Therefore, students should not expect to be spoon-fed after completing their studies

Final Thoughts

Students should least expect that their respective universities will be on the forefront to look for jobs on their behalf. For that reason, they should work their way towards realizing what they need to do to succeed in the job market. Universities can write letters of commendation and recommend graduates for hire, but it is not a guarantee. Ideally, universities should not help graduates get a job upon graduating unless it is in their wish to do so.

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