Should You Be Taking Nootropics for a Brain Boost?

Nootropics, also known as smart drugs, help enhance brain performance in ways that include improved creativity, focus, alertness, better memory, as well as intelligence. While they are fairly new to the market, they surely have gained ample popularity amid users from all over the world.  For better brain efficiency one can opt for Alpha GPC as it helps in improving Brain health.

Not just that, according to OurFitness Life, Nootropics can be used to effectively reduce stress and strengthen resistance to stress. These smart drugs are better known for their cognitive properties or stimulant effects. Plus, the prescription version of the same is also known to evade the symptoms of certain medical conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, or narcolepsy.

But, what exactly falls under the umbrella of nootropic drugs, and should you be taking them for a quick brain boost?

Let us take a look at the answers!

Nootropics: What are they?

Nootropic is a broad term that refers to different types of substances that enhance or alter your brain performance in a manner that serves as a benefit. A beverage as common as caffeine falls under the nootropic umbrella, and so does 1-Theanine (a component of green tea).

Apart from this, herbs such as ginkgo Biloba or ashwagandha also qualify under this term. It doesn’t limit the nootropic family. There are several other synthetic nootropics available such as phenotropil, piracetam, noopept, and so on.

Nootropic users generally cook up a cocktail of these substances to get their creativity flowing at its best. But should you actually be taking them?

The short answer to this question is both “yes” and “no.” It varies depending on who consumes these substances and for what reason. While a nootropic might show amazing results for the elderly with a deteriorating condition, it might not show any result for young users.

While some smart drugs might be ineffective or risky, others are great for long-term use.

What are some of the popular Nootropics?

Naturally Occurring Nootropics

  • Caffeine

  • Turmeric

  • Bulletproof Coffee

  • Red Reishi Mushrooms


  • Piracetam

  • Phenibut

  • Adrafinil

  • Creatine

  • Noopept

  • Phenylpiracetam

Prescription Medications

  • Ritalin

  • Adderall

  • Concerta

Benefits of Brain Boosting Nootropics

1-Faster Reaction Time

The way you react to a situation helps add to the overall performance output by your brain. The faster you react to a situation with a possible outcome, the greater its associated advantages. It is especially helpful if you are someone who likes to frequently participate in a spelling bee, quizzes, and other academic competitions.

Apart from this, Nootropics are also great for people who would love to have a better and faster reaction time when driving in a busy lane with chances of random accidents.

2-Improved Memory

With age, our brain cells deplete in number, which makes it difficult to retain new information for a longer duration. That is why most above the age of 50 complain about memory retaining issues. With daily consumption of naturally occurring nootropics, you can see a gradual improvement in your memory retention.

For faster results, you can always opt for prescription medications from a reliable medical practitioner.

3-Lower Stress Levels

One thing we all lack in our daily routine is a fixed time to help ourselves relax and be free from the worldly stress. It brings about a lot of tension and unwanted worries in your daily life, which could further lead to long-treading issues such as depression or other mental illness.

However, with nootropics as a part of your daily routine, you will experience that your brain is rather relaxed and doesn’t burn itself out over the simplest of tasks at hand. Overall, you will experience a major reduction in your stress levels.

4-Sustained Attention

Folks that suffer from issues such as ADHD have issues complying with the attention requirements daily. They can hardly focus on a matter for more than 20-30 seconds as their mind wanders off to things that aren’t necessarily a part of their atmosphere.

With nootropics added to the daily schedule, you get access to sustained attention minus the diversion. Your brain can focus more on the subject matter rather than trying to compare multiple things in a single go.

5-Pattern Recognition

Inductive thinking or pattern recognition is an ability possessed naturally by the human brain for deduction of patterns and association of the same with logical reasoning. However, not every brain is the same. While some have this skill at its optimum charge, others might not show a single sign of inductive thinking.

Inductive thinking forms the base for almost every scientific inquiry. With natural nootropics or supplements added to the diet, one can expect better pattern recognition that doesn’t deteriorate with time.

6-Better Sleep Pattern

Another debated sign of nootropics use is that it helps with better sleep patterns. However, this might be an indirect effect, but it sure is an outcome of nootropics being used for a brain boost. As seen with these supplements, they help reduce the overall stress by boosting brain functions.

It means your brains automatically start getting back to its natural REM cycle, which determines the duration of quality of sleep you will get. The sleep and stress-reduction benefit associated with nootropics is a mutually dependent agreement. With good sleep, you will have reduced stress levels and vice-versa.

7-Organizing Capabilities

Category formation or organizing capabilities is one’s ability to receive and segregate the information, skills, as well as concepts into various categories. It forms the basis for higher cognitive functioning and better application in the real world.

You can apply, analyze, as well as evaluate the real-world issues and apply the same for a better lifestyle.


While the benefits of nootropics are still debatable, ample research over the years has surely confirmed the afore-mentioned benefits. So, if you plan on taking nootropics for a quick brain boost, the key is to start slow and gradually increase the amount while coming to an optimum level that suits your body and requirements.

Before you get a supplement, make sure you understand why you need it in the first place and focus on building the same for better brain functioning.