Should You Buy a Gooseneck Trailer in 2023? (Complete Guide)


Are you looking for a heavy-duty trailer for agricultural or commercial purposes? In that case, all you need may be a 40 ft gooseneck trailer. Most gooseneck trailers can handle as much as 30,000 lbs. at a go! They’re also highly maneuverable and stable compared to other trailers bearing heavy cargo, such as bumper-pull trailers.

This guide explains why you should go for these truck models in 2023 and beyond.

What Are Gooseneck Trailers?

Gooseneck trailers have long “necks” that reach up and over the back of the tailgate. They slide right over a ball hitch in the bed of the pickup truck that tows them. Although this definition may sound familiar or similar to a fifth-wheel trailer, they’re inherently different.

Gooseneck trailers carry loads of freight, irrespective of their overall weight, from one location to another. The added security and safety gooseneck trailers offer has resulted in their considerable demand and popularity worldwide.

You can easily bend the rear of the trailer, which makes it look quite like the neck of a goose, hence the name “gooseneck trailer.” To further clarify the differences between a fifth-wheel trailer and a gooseneck trailer, let’s examine their fundamental differences.

For one thing, gooseneck trailers use a ball hitch, while fifth-wheel trailers utilize a hinged plate hitch.

Other considerable differences between the two include the following:

  • The level of invasiveness in the truck bed.
  • The types of trailers generally pulled by each coupling mechanism.
  • The overall cost, etc.

The major body of a gooseneck hitch generally mounts beneath the truck bed and efficiently bolts onto the vehicle frame using brackets.

As mentioned earlier in this article, gooseneck trailers are rated and capable of hauling 30,000 pounds or even more. This is why gooseneck trailers are generally utilized as horse trailers, flatbed equipment haulers, and livestock trailers.

However, remember that most pickup trucks today don’t come with a pre-installed ball hitch on their beds. You may need the assistance of a mechanic to install one for you.

The Associated Benefits of a Gooseneck Trailer

The only real drawback a gooseneck trailer has is that it attaches to the bed of a pickup truck or a vehicle similar to a pickup truck. Still, this is some good news if you own a tow vehicle.

That said, here are the benefits of owning and using a gooseneck trailer:

#1. Stability

Gooseneck trailers are far more stable than their counterparts, such as bumper pull trailers. This is due to the overlapping of the gooseneck hitch with a small segment of your pickup truck. Another possible reason is the resultant centering of the overall weight on your vehicle’s rear axle instead of the bumper.

A stable gooseneck trailer ensures less trailer sway and increased control on backroads and highways. That way, you and your cargo will enjoy gentler rides all the way.

The ideal weight distribution of the gooseneck trailer and vehicle makes hauling heavier freight much simpler. Your pickup’s rear axle is factory-designed to handle the additional weight much better than the bumper can. This implies that the larger or more cargo, the fewer trips you’ll have to make.

#2. Defining Characteristics

The defining characteristics of a gooseneck trailer are pretty impressive. Its long, curved neck distinguishes it from other trailers with a simple hitch. As a result, a gooseneck trailer attaches easily to the bed of a pickup truck or similar automobile.

#3. Options

At first glance, a gooseneck trailer is seen as niche. However, in reality, there’s no acute insufficiency of variety in terms of the types of trailers that come with this particular hitch.

From enormous rigs measuring more than 30 feet to compact utility trailers and dump trailers, you are 100% guaranteed to get a trailer that meets your specific requirements and budget. However, ensure you don’t exceed your trailer’s or vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

#4. Security

Trailers are typically effortless targets for highly ambitious thieves. But this is one case where the gooseneck trailer’s only drawback turns into a strength.

Unhitching a gooseneck trailer without drawing an iota of attention is practically impossible. In addition, the ambitious thieves will require a pickup truck of appropriate size with a highly compatible bed.

As you can see, a seemingly easy snatch is no longer the case because the entire job will turn into a long-drawn-out process no thief will like to engage in. In other words, the security of your gooseneck trailer is somewhat guaranteed.

#5. Value

If you’re after durability, performance, and ease of towing, no other truck type will likely offer you a much better value than a gooseneck trailer. This truck type can significantly boost your cargo capacity while lowering the number of trips and associated maintenance costs. Of course, this depends considerably on how the gooseneck trailer is used.

Questions to Answer When Buying a Gooseneck Trailer

If you’re in the market for a gooseneck trailer, you need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure you make the best buying decision.

Here are the two most important ones:

#1. What is the perfect size of gooseneck I need?

This is perhaps the most crucial question you need an accurate answer for. Gooseneck trailers are typically immense for hauling heavy cargo. You need to be highly experienced at hauling heavy loads if you want to safely tow a gooseneck trailer due to its size.

However, as you determine the overall size of the trailer you need, don’t forget to consider the load you’ll be hauling. An excellent guideline to abide by in this case is to size up. Always go a bit higher than the particular size of trailer you think you need.

#2. What is the overall quality of the gooseneck trailer I’m looking for?

Quality is essential when shopping for a trailer. Since you’ll be hauling heavy loads, you need a trailer that can withstand the wear and tear of this demanding job.

Therefore, it makes sense to go for a durable and robust trailer. An excellently made trailer should last several years without requiring costly repairs and maintenance. The good news is that almost every gooseneck trailer is constructed per top-quality standards that guarantee its stability on the road.


So, should you buy a gooseneck trailer? Given the benefits outlined in this article and the primary purpose you need a trailer for, purchasing a gooseneck trailer is an excellent idea. And if the dealer offers numerous options for customization of your gooseneck trailer, you’ve struck pay dirt.

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