Should You Learn Flutter?



Flutter is part of the Google-created ecosystem. Apps have become serious business today, and many help you find Online Jobs, love and even food. With mobile penetration being rather high, there is no doubt that there is a great demand for App development. Consider the fact that a great number of the world’s denizens are going online thanks to the availability of smartphones. Online businesses are being transformed from brick-and-mortar operations to online services and products. From a marketing perspective, what this means is that for a business, their audience is online. If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a developer starting his own business, then learning Flutter is an advantage.

This Is Flutter

Technology has come a long way thanks largely in part to amazing innovations like Flutter. With companies like Elegant Media offering mobile App development solutions among many other services, there is no doubt that companies need to take moving online with their business seriously. Flutter is created by Google as a programming language while React Native is something which belongs to Facebook. The benefit of Flutter is that you can create both Android and iOS Apps. Whatever the platform that you are most keen on, Flutter has got you covered. And, while there is certainly a difference when it comes to the number of users on Android or iOS, remember that Apps on both should be considered seriously.

On a serious note, learning Flutter is no walk in the park. In fact, there is a steep learning curve for this forward-thinking programming language. While learning Flutter would require a respectful understanding of some coding language, remember that this does not need to be a prerequisite. If you were to look at this with a timeframe, learning Flutter would take north of over a month. Yet, this is something that is based on the person and is flexible. If you do have a basic understanding of Python or Java, there is a decent chance for you to fast forward your understanding and application of Flutter. Having said that, remember that App development is forever evolving and needs to be looked at from an overall perspective and whether it benefits your business or organization.


Creating Apps for smartphones is certainly a big industry that will have more attention in future. However, there is also the importance of tablet computers that need to be looked at. With tablet computers proving to be a productivity tool or sorts, Ipad Development is an area that needs a special mention. It is true to state that there are many types of devices present today. However, with mobility being a key requirement for most, it is hardly a surprise that many brands are looking at ensuring that they cater to all their audiences. Unlike smartphones, tablet computers have a greater degree of screen real estate. So, whatever Apps that are created needs to be optimized accordingly. This is something that Flutter has in-built into its’ set of features. And, this is another reason why you need to consider learning Flutter.

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