Should You Use Hot Paper Cups For Your Cafe?


It’s an important question about you should use hot paper cups for your café? Yes, I use it, and I think you should also use it for your café. Paper cups are better than plastic cups. Paper cups are environment-friendly; you can recycle them effortlessly. If you throw it here and there, it will not harm our environment. And the essential thing it has, and that is, it is affordable than the ceramic cup, or other mugs. So, I hope you will use hot paper cups for your café.

Should I use hot paper cups for my café?

Hot paper cups are one kind of affordable and disposable cups. This is so much useful coffee cups in nowadays. I also use hot paper cups for my café. Other coffee cups are so expensive for me and might be for you too. So, it is affordable, stable, disposable, that’s why I use it for my café. And I suggest you use hot paper cups for your café. Hot paper cups will help you to grow your business properly.

Paper Cup

All those paper cups that seem to be entirely sustainable are no more than a trap: most of the time, they are coated with plastic resin to help maintain the temperature of the beverage, as well as prevent liquid from leaking into the paper. 

Well, you’re smart at Least 1 Trash tips already know that mixed materials are not recycled, meaning the paper cups of that tea or coffee will end up in landfills and probably contribute to the release of methane gas along with all other rubbish lying around. Other than that, to produce 1kg of paper, 540 liters of water are required, In addition to using a lot of energy during the process. Ah! And the cups are not recycled paper, see?

There is a restriction of material and use with food and drink, and it is probably made of virgin raw material. So the question is, why say no? Well, because it makes no sense to produce garbage that you will discard in minutes, right? They are harmful to our health and even more to the environment. The impacts of disposables are irreversible, and we need to stop consumption today: by 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean! The change is all ours. Take a look at this week’s Fe video, which gives you several tips on how to replace all the cups.

Reasons Not To Use Disposable Plastic Cup

Much is not recycled

Today, the disposable plastic cup is the least recycled urban solid waste around the planet. The most significant cause of this is low market costs. Recycling companies and cooperatives pay up to R $ 0.20 per kg of glass. For this reason, the recycling of disposable cups is minimal compared to the amount produced.

Throwing them into the red waste collection bin is no guarantee that they will be recycled. Few associations recycle disposable cups because they are high volume, lightweight, and need to be cleaned. The plastic recycling process consumes water, energy, and more plastic. Besides, it usually gives rise to inferior quality products.

Are harmful to health

Disposable plastic cups can be unhealthy when heated. Contact with hot liquids such as coffee, for example, can release a large amount of styrene. According to UFMG research, styrene is toxic, and studies indicate that it can even cause cancer in high concentrations.

Take too long to decompose

To give you an idea, the decomposition time of a disposable cup is between 250 and 400 years. That is, many generations will pass, and the cup will still exist. It is even contradictory if we think the life of the cups is so short (it only lasts 13 seconds after leaving the display).

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