Signs That a Person Needs to See a Psychiatrist


For some people, hearing the words “mental illness” can be scary. It’s because there is, unfortunately, a type of stigma associated with the term. But you need to be aware that mental illness is very common. In fact, it is estimated that about a fifth of the population has some form of mental disorder, including depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. And these conditions are caused by many things, like chemical imbalances and stress. With this, a psychiatric evaluation is needed to be able to identify the problem, the cause, and the treatment options available.

However, the problem is that a lot of people who have mental health issues often do not seek help due to different reasons. Some are embarrassed, while others are not sure who to see. But know that it is very important to seek help and let professionals know about your mental health issues. To learn more about psychiatry and its importance, you can click here for many interesting psychiatry articles.

With this, it is very important that you are able to recognize when someone may need help. To do this, there are different signs that indicate a psychiatric evaluation should be considered. Read on to know the signs that a person needs to see a psychiatrist.

Signs That a Person Needs to See a Psychiatrist

1. If a person is unable to control emotions

All of us experience moments when we are irritable, sad, or angry, which are normal feelings. However, when you notice that someone has excessive emotions that they cannot manage or control, it can be an indication that a psychiatrist may be needed to help. It’s because if a person is unable to control his emotions, he needs a psychiatrist to help him manage his emotions effectively to prevent a triggering situation. Therefore, if you know someone who finds it difficult to control how they feel, you can advise them to see a psychiatrist immediately to get help.

2. If there are changes in a person’s sleeping patterns

Sleep quality can tell a lot about mental health. Most of the time, people who have mental health problems find it difficult to fall asleep. They may wake up hastily or wake up a lot of times throughout the night. In addition, some may spend less time in deep stages of sleep, making it difficult to get restorative sleep. People who lack sleep may also find it difficult to cope with mental illness symptoms, which makes it a negative feedback loop. Therefore, when you notice someone who cannot sleep well at night, maybe a visit to a psychiatrist might help.

3. If a person uses a substance to cope with problems

Many people who have mental health issues turn to alcohol and other drugs to cope with their problems. It is because these things help them relax or deal with stress. But know that it is a red flag if they do need it on a regular basis and if they do not feel happy without the help of these substances. A person who relies on substance use to cope with mental health issues is in need of a psychiatrist evaluation immediately.

4. If the performance of a person on a job or school work changes or declines

There are times with tasks at work or school are difficult, and our performances decline, which is normal and usually solved after some time. However, if someone you know is suddenly struggling with work or school or is missing work or school frequently, it can be a sign that psychiatric testing is needed. For example, if there aren’t any changes in the work that they are doing but they start missing deadlines or find it hard to concentrate on work tasks, then a visit to a psychiatrist might be beneficial.

5. If a person starts to avoid social situations

A person suffering from anxiety or depression may start avoiding social situations. This can include parties, family gatherings, meeting up with friends, or simply eating out. It can be due to their inability to control emotions or that they find it difficult to relate to others. If someone outgoing suddenly withdraws from social situations, that person may need to seek some help from a psychiatrist.  Be sure to seek help from professionals such as those at Basepoint Psychiatry And Wellness.

6. If a person suddenly experiences unexplained physical illnesses

Keep in mind that mental and physical health are related. One of the signs that tell a person needs a psychiatrist is when he has recurring physical ailments without a specific cause. Some of these symptoms may include headaches, vague aches, and stomach pain.

7. If a person tends to feel anxious, sad or worried most of the time

A person may also need to see a psychiatrist for help if he feels excessively sad or worries constantly. Worrying or feeling a bit anxious when certain events are about to happen can be normal for many of us. However, if someone you know is constantly worried or anxious without any reason, then asking help from a psychiatrist might be needed, especially when someone has thoughts of suicide.

8. If a person finds it difficult to shake the impact of past or recent traumatic events.

Trauma can certainly turn the life of a person upside down and take a serious toll on his psyche. Therefore, if someone you know has experienced any kind of trauma and it still hunts them, seeking help from a psychiatrist is the key to overcome it. Psychiatrists can help them find ways on how to stop the things that trigger those memories.

These are some of the common signs which can tell that someone is in need of a psychiatrist. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with seeking help, and it is something that people should not be ashamed of. We hope this article helped you in knowing about the signs of mental health issues and that it can help you to know if you or a loved one might need help.



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