Signs that you need to see a marriage counselor


The idea of counseling can be confusing and can appear mysterious for most couples. The idea of divulging intimate details about your relationship can be a little overwhelming. Relationship counseling or family therapy is ideal when both parties are present; Nonetheless, individual counseling can as well help if one party is not available.

The other option of counseling may be divorce or separation. These options are usually feared more. With nearly half of couples divorcing relationship therapy might be the savior to your marriage. The following are common situations that would signal that a couple must undergo a professional marriage counseling gilbert.

If you are having communication issues

Do you stay without talking for days or argue most of the time? Probably you are feeling underappreciated, undervalued, or do not know what is happening with your partner’s emotions. Either way, this is a pointer to communication breakdown.

If you think that your communication levels require improvement, looking for help from experienced marriage counselors such as Pneuma Counseling Chicago is an ideal option. It can assist you to know the underlying issues that are affecting your connection.

If there is no trust

If one of the partners has been deceptive or had an affair, you are likely to experience feelings of distrust. Trust is crucial for any healthy marriage. Without it, marriages and relationships can become unhealthy, often leading to more heartache and damage if no interventions are employed.

Learning to trust your partner again after betrayal can be a painful and slow process. However, counseling can offer a safe platform to explore the betrayal, express vulnerability, and probably consider rebuilding trust and looking for a way forward.

If You feel like you and your partner are roommates

For many couples, it can be challenging to maintain the relationship spark alive after being in a marriage for many years. In most cases you are caught up in your routine list and looking after the children and forget to spare some time for quality your intimacy; due to that, you find partners feeling more like they are roommates rather than soul mates.

If you have the feeling of disconnection in recent months, consider having regular date nights, or setting time to spend together. However, if you have quietly been growing apart for some time, relationship therapy can assist you to know what is amiss and work on reconnecting.

If you are together because of children

Some couples may be willing to stay in an unhappy marriage because of their kids. However, it can be detrimental to their wellbeing more so if there is a lot of tension and conflict at home. Children can easily sense when there is trouble or if they sense unhappiness.

Seeking the services of a marriage therapist can assist you to know if your marriage is salvageable. Therapy can assist couples to work towards reaching an amicable separation or divorce, if that is the best option.

If you wish to tie the knot

If you are about to get married, your mind will probably have many thoughts regarding the future. Pre-marital counseling offers the opportunity to begin the conversation on everything in the world married.

If you are having sexual issues

Experiencing unhappy sex life can either be a cause or a sign of marriage problems. A marriage counselor can assist you to understand your intimate concerns and sexual desires, and struggle towards solving the issues.

Difficulties with friends, extended family, or other relationships

As a couple, you will most likely have relationships with other people outside your marriage. This may include children, coworkers, extended family, and friends.

These relationships can be unhealthy or healthy. Sometimes, you may feel like some parties are affecting your marriage. A counselor can assist you to understand the situation and come up with strategies to put healthy boundaries.


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