Signs Your Dishwasher Needs Repairing


Approximately 30% of people with a dishwasher use it every day. An extra 46% of people use it at least several times a week. There is no doubt that dishwashers are an important part of many of our daily lives. It is important to ensure your dishwasher is in good working condition to save time and add convenience to your daily life. 

As we use our dishwashers so often, it is important to know when to start looking for a dishwasher repair service. Here are some signs that your dishwasher might need to be repaired.  

Bad smell

Your dishwasher should leave your dishes smelling clean and fresh. You may need to seek dishwasher repair services if your dishwasher has a bad odour after a cycle. The bad smell may be due to the filtering system or food remanence in the drain. This can start to clog the drain and filtering system if left for a long period of time. To prevent a larger or ongoing problem, you should address the issue at the first signs of bad odour in your dishwasher.  

Loud or unusual noises

While dishwashers do make some noise, any loud or unusual noises can be an indicator that something is wrong. Loud noises can be caused by a malfunctioning wash pump, drain pump, or motor. This requires the attention of a dishwasher repair professional. 

Standing water inside the dishwasher

Water that remains in the dishwasher after a cycle can be a cause for concern. Warm water that remains in the dishwasher can cause bacteria to grow. So, the next time you turn on your dishwasher, you will be washing your dishes with dirty water. That can cause your dishes to come out just as dirty as before! Water remaining in the dishwasher can be caused by a range of issues such as a clogged drain or filter. Addressing these issues can be challenging as parts vary across brands of dishwashers.


If you notice that your dishes are cold right after a washing cycle, this can indicate that your dishwasher needs repairing. Dishwashers use hot water to help kill bacteria and remove food remains from your dishes. Coldwater can leave your dishes dirty and can cause harmful bacteria to grow on your dishes and in your dishwasher. Coldwater can be caused by an issue in the heating coil.

Here at Do All we offer dishwasher repairs that can help fix almost all issues that can arise in your dishwasher. Our services include: 

We also repair and service a range of other dishwasher brands. No matter your dishwasher or the issue, our team of professionals are here to get your dishwasher back in good condition! To learn more about our dishwasher repairs, visit our website.

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