Simple car checking you should do

Everyone has a shared dream of buying a home for the family and a personal car. If you have a car of your own, then you’re a lucky person than many people. Maintaining a home’s good health is so easy. You only have to check the whole building per year and repair it. But taking care of a car is not that so simple. A car can’t go for a long time without proper maintenance. You can make your car’s internal structure stronger by using the best head studs. Go to “6.0 head studs” and get your perfect tool. Now, let\s know about some easy and essential tricks to check your car’s health.

1. Engine air filter

A broken or faulty air filter can decrease your fuel efficiency. And this fact also can reduce your car’s engine power. Many people buy their car and don’t even think about its engine air filter for any time. After two or three years, they see that the engine takes a long time to start but can’t find the problem. But this engine problem begins with the air filter problem. That means if you want to take care car’s engine, care about the air filter also. Change broken air filer as soon as possible. Mechanics say that it would be best if you change your air filter every year.

2. Spark plugs

The engine is the leading soul of a car. If you can’t focus on taking care of the machine, you can’t do proper maintenance of your vehicle. Spark plugs are an integral part of running an engine. One or two faulty spark plugs can cause an engine misfire. So before happening something wrong, you should check those spark plugs. Generally, spark plugs remain well for two or three years. You can replace them every two years. But don’t forget to check them if you hear any sound from your engine. You also can store spark plugs in your garage so that you can replace them at any time.

3. Brakes

Many new car owners underestimate the importance of proper function-able brakes. Brakes are the primary tool by which you can stop your car anytime. Think of a broken brake when you’re driving your vehicle. Now you are pressing on the brake, but the car is still moving! How does it feel? Very awful, and it can cause a car accident. So keeping them well maintained is essential. You can start your brakes from the fluid level. If it works slightly low- top it up. You also can read your car’s handbook for the proper fluid specification.

4. Electronics

A car is a total tool of so many other electronic parts. From fog lights to headlights and your car battery, all electronic components must make a comfortable car ride. If you want to make your car safe, you need to take proper care of all those electronics. Check car battery after few days and make sure the terminals are dust-free and tight. You can use any corrosion with hot water for cleaning and apply petroleum jelly. Before going out with the car at night, check the lights are working well.


Here are the everyday things to check of your car. Keeping a vehicle safe and well-conditioned is not so hard if you know how to do it. When you will not do anything about your car for several years, most of the parts will be broken or have a problem. So fixing those problems at the same time will be very expensive for you. That’s why try to maintain a schedule and check your car after six months or a year. And change the car part if you feel there is something wrong or need replacement.