Simple Hacks to Master Ping Pong

Ping Pong, also known as table tennis, is a sport that requires you to move your entire body while working out your mind at the same time. The mechanics behind the sport may seem simple, wherein two players at the opposite ends of a table need to hit a lightweight ball back and forth across them by using a racket. However, ensuring that you hit the ping pong balls, and making it hard for your opponent to do the same can prove to be challenging. This is because, just like with any other sport, you need a technique and strategy to help you win a match. Hence, here are simple hacks on how you can master Ping Pong.

Learn About Ball Spin

One of the objectives of the sport is to be able to hit the ball at all times and return it back to your opponent. However, in order to predict the direction where the ball is heading for you to hit is properly, you must be knowledgeable about ball spin. A top spin happens when your opponent’s racket is moving from low to high when he hits the ball, otherwise, it is a back spin. In addition to this, the ball spin is a right side spin if your opponent hits the ball from their left to the right, otherwise, it is a left sidespin.

Hit the Ball at an Angle

You can compensate for the spin by hitting the ball with your paddle positioned at a certain angle. For a topspin, position your paddle at an angle that is slightly face down and hit the ball above the center of the paddle. Conversely, position your paddle at an angle slightly face up for a backspin. Aside from the angle position of your paddle, having the right racket can also aid you in ensuring that you return the ball properly according to its spin. According to seasoned table tennis players, you can find the best ping pong paddles here where you will find a comprehensive review, as well as a buying guide. In general, you need to consider what the paddle is made of, because the handle will affect your grip, while the blade, the sponge, as well as the rubber sheet will affect the bounce of the ball.

Maintain a Ready Position

Always anticipate where your opponent will direct the ball and it will always help to maintain a ready position. To be effective in a ping pong match, you need to move to the direction of the ball with your feet but stay balanced. Once you hit the ball, return to your ready position and repeat this cycle until the rally of hitting the ball across the table comes to an end.  

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Ping Pong is a great sport if you intend to have a whole body and mind workout. However, to be able to get good at it, keep in mind that you need the proper physical and mental preparation, as well as the right gear. Thus, perhaps it is about time for you to venture out into Ping Pong, if you haven’t yet.