Simple Steps to Follow to Design ID Cards Online


ID card is essential for identifying and tracking a person. The full meaning of an ID card is an Identity document. An ID card represents all important information about an individual like name, occupation, organization, ID card number, contact number, address, issue date, expiry date, and many more. Nowadays every single thing is possible through the internet. In fact, you can easily buy new york scannable real id online. Also, PDQ Machine is one of the best solutions for payment for your business nowadays.

Now you don’t need to go anywhere to make your ID card physically. You can relax at home and can design your ID card online from IDGod. Do you know how to design an ID card online? If you are feeling curious and desperately want to know-how. I am going to tell you here.

Follow some simple steps to design your ID card online. I hope this article will give you an effortless ID card-making experience.

Step-1: Necessary Technology

If you want to design your organization’s card, you need to follow which technology they have used. You may need to buy a printer or encoder as required. Necessary technologies are designing bar codes, contact, or contactless card.

Step-2: Find an ID Card Maker Or Software

First, you need to find an online ID card maker, software, or site. Careful; some sites are scram and fake. Before trusting any ID maker, first, do some research about that software. Check those sites reviews. You need to find a valid and reputed card maker software.

Some reliable and reputed sites may give you a free ID card making service. You can easily make your ID card in that software. No need to be an expert in this field. Anyone can make it with some basic knowledge.  Be sure to check out accu-coder as well.

Step-3: Create An ID Card Shape Or Size.

To design an ID card, you need to create a template or shape. Generally, an ID card is 3.375 inches wide and 2.125 inches high. It needs to be perfect in size. You can follow the size which your organization or university used.

Step-4: Choose a Theme Or Format.

Then choose a theme or format to give your ID card design. Give your ID card an eye-catching theme. If you want to make an Organizational card or University card, you can add a theme representing your organization or university. Also, you can download a pre-designed theme or format and can use it. The theme will make your card more professional.

Step-5: Add a logo

You can add your organization or university logo to it. Which will make your card looks professional. The logo is important if you want to make your card real. Also, you can add a background image or a color to your card. Download a free background image from the pixel and set it on your card.

Step-6: Give your Information

Give some information about you on your ID card like your name, Birthday, issue date, expiry date, occupation or class, university or organization name, security features, address, employee number or roll number, mobile number, and many more. Also, add your passport size photo. Your photo needs to be clear where people can recognize you. Adjust your image by resizing it. You also can scan your signature and add it to your ID card. A signature will make it professional.

Step-7: Double Check Information

Misspell is the most common mistake made by everyone. We want to do things quickly in a rush and misspell the name or other information. For this mistake, we get the wrong information on our ID card. And unfortunately, we need to throw it in the garbage.

And need to make a new ID card with the right information. It will cause a massive loss of your valuable time and energy. So after writing your information on the ID card, double-check everything. Is it ok or not. Be a hundred percent sure before clicking on the submit button.

Step-8: Add Security Features.

It’s essential to put security features on your ID card. There are different types of security features like watermark security, encoder, or fluorescent ultraviolet security. It also has other features like holographic image laminate, stretch and custom tile, and many more.

You should buy a printer which can give you your expected level of security features. An ID card is not just a name and photo; it’s many more than that. Visual security is essential to creating an effective ID card design.

Step-9: Print Your Card

After doing all the steps now, it’s time for the final step. You will need a printer machine. Just click on the print button, within a few seconds, your ID card will be ready. If you don’t have a printer machine, you can download your ID card online and can printout it from shops.

You will need a high-quality printing machine for a high-quality ID card. If you added any simple magnetic stripe to your ID card or want a high volume and secure ID card, you need to apply for DTC technology. DTC means direct to card. It’s a traditional and retransfer printing technology.

If you added embedded electronics to your card and want a high-quality image, you need to print your card in HDP technology. HDP means high definition printing. For high-resolution text and image quality, you need to buy a 600 dpi printer model.

Step-10: Laminate Your Card

After completing the printing process, you need to laminate your ID card. Lamination will give your card a protection layer over it and will protect your card from damages. Lamination is the final step in designing an ID card. Now you will need a clip to add to your card and make it useable.

The Conclusion

In today’s world, everything is possible if you have a computer and a great internet connection. An ID card is not just a security device; it also represents your organization or university. So, the ID card needs to be well designed, attractive, and professional. Designing an ID card is so simple and also an enjoyable experience. An ID card designing has three layers, like functionality, graphics, and security.


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