Sites to Find House Painters Near Me


If your house needs a coat of paint, you need to devise ways to make that happen. House painting is an important exercise in home renovation as it is the first thing guests will notice.

Besides, house painting adds value to your house and creates your desired theme and perception. Some of the common factors to consider when deciding whether to hire professional painters or DIY include;

The Current Status

The expertise and type of paint needed will depend on the nature of the surface. Notably, there is less prep work painting a smooth surface. However, you may need to scrape and sand the surface if you are painting an old surface. It is advisable to hire a professional if you think your efforts will not yield the desired results. You can see location here to find professional house painters near you.


The scale of the painting job is another reason you need to hire a painting pro. If the painting job is complicated, leave it to professional painters as they are best suited to deal with it. You don’t have to waste your time doing the prep work and applying multiple paints that don’t seem to work.

Interior vs Exterior

You need to understand the different considerations depending on the parts of the house to be painted. Painting on the exterior will require you to consider weather elements and find equipment to reach high points. Similarly, interior painting requires extra care not to taint house equipment with paint.

Hiring House Painters

Hiring painting professionals ensures that the job will be done without mishaps and provide the desired results. You should follow the procedure below to hire painting pros.

Get an Estimate

The estimate from your preferred painters should include costs for paint, materials, labor, and project timeframe. Understanding these costs upfront will help avoid last-minute rushes associated with failure to plan.

Check Painters’ Credentials

Ensure the professionals you select for your house painting have the relevant licenses and permits. It would be best to inquire about the service provider’s insurance to cover incidents that may occur.

Establish a Payment Plan

Your chosen service provider should have a clear and reasonable payment plan based on labor and material. Avoid painters who make you pay the full amount upfront. Instead, opt for painters who request around a 30% down payment.

Sites to Find House Painters Near Me

  • Paisley Painting Services- The family-owned company has been in operation since the year 2000. The company gives estimates within an hour and deals with both commercial and residential painting.
  • A New Leaf Painting- The company has an interactive website where you can make all your requests and get a rough estimate of what you will need. Notably, the company’s robust network enhances response and turn around.
  • CertaPro Painters- The company boasts a significant market share in the commercial sector and makes it appropriate for residential painting. The company’s line of painting service includes siding painting, garage floors, and exterior painting.

Digital platforms have made it easy to find professional painters online. You can search, scrutinize and choose the best painter around from the comfort of your couch. Take your time to identify painters with the best rates and services.

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