Six Reasons to Go for Grab Hire


If you are reading this post, you wonder whether a grab lorry hire is appropriate for you. You may consider hiring it for disposing of waste from commercial construction sites, driveway renewals, large-scale landscaping, etc.

So, should you hire a grab lorry for your project?

This post will help you discover six reasons to hire a grab lorry for your


1. The Grab Lorry Can Handle Sizeable Waste

Hire a grab lorry if you are working on a site with loads of waste. A grab lorry can hold up to three times the capacity of a skip. Therefore, you’ll save on extra equipment rentals and make the project more manageable.

2. The Grab Lorry Can Handle Various Types of Waste

The grab lorry can handle various types of waste, including bulky garbage, heavy trash, or materials in hard-to-reach areas. You’ll dispose of materials trapped behind fences or an abnormal landscape with no challenges. The lorry’s reach also means you won’t expose an individual to any onsite or excavation risks. The grab arm can also simplify handling cement, concrete, bricks, garden waste, soil, rubble, etc.

3. A Grab Lorry Can Save You Time

You may use grab lorry hire to dispose of waste quickly. This benefit can be helpful when you are working on a tight schedule. For example, you won’t need a permit for this garbage disposal truck. Grab lorries are also easy to learn and operate. Furthermore, the grab arm simplifies the handling of waste, so you won’t spend a lot of time loading and offloading the garbage.

4. A Grab Truck Can Cut Costs

Hiring a grab lorry can free up finances for other essential areas. For example, you’ll avoid the fees needed for a permit. This step wouldn’t have been possible with a skip. Furthermore, you’ll only need one or two grab trucks, which wouldn’t have been the case if you worked with smaller garbage disposal trucks. The lorry’s grab arm also simplifies handling, eliminating the need for hiring workers to load or offload the waste. In addition, you may also rent a grab truck for a shorter period than a skip.

5. Grab Trucks Are Multi-Purpose

Grab trucks can perform many functions. For example, you can use a grab lorry to dispose of garbage in your construction site or landscaping site. Alternatively, you may use the grab truck to distribute materials to a construction site. For example, use it to deliver sand, gravel, or rocks. This approach can save you money and time throughout the construction process.

6. Grab Lorries Are Convenient

A grab lorry can offer many convenient solutions. For example, the grab arm simplifies material handling. You’ll load or offload the garbage in under 30 minutes and reach hard-to-reach places using the grab arm. The truck doesn’t also block driveways or need a permit to operate.

Grab lorry service by TJC Transport can help you if you choose to hire a grab lorry. You’ll enjoy flexible terms, affordable prices, and responsive customer service.


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