Six signs your air conditioner is losing efficiency


Do you frequently get your air conditioner checked? If not, then you are making a very big mistake. Most people do not think about it unless they need it.

But, this will be the only thing on your mind if you are dealing with extreme heat and the AC in your house breaks down.

So, you need to have a close look at the below-mentioned six signs which will make sure if your air conditioner requires services.

All that you need is to pay proper attention to these particular signs to make sure that your air conditioning system is fixed before it becomes an emergency. If you want to enjoy a comfortable summer, then it is better to get your AC repaired in the spring or fall and if you need ductless air conditioner installation, then you should take the help of expert services who will provide you with the necessary help in this aspect. Although, ducted air conditioning is better for larger homes.

1. Time

Time effectively speaks a lot of things. This also includes your air conditioning system. Over the year, your air conditioner is roughly used, and then it is completely shut down in the winter season.

This could eventually result in the build-up of dust in the components which results in the damage of the machinery. Also, this usually results in wear and tear due to its age. So, it is very important to get it checked before the onset of the season.

2. Grinding And Knocking Sounds

In case, your air conditioning system is making extreme noise, then it means that some parts inside it have broken or are close to breaking down. So, whenever you hear a squealing sound, then there might be some problem with the AC belt.

In some of the cases, the system might require lubricating. Therefore, you should never ignore any kind of knocking sound coming out of the AC. This can be due to the unit’s motor bearing being broken or damaged.

You should focus on turning off the AC if you observe this particular issue. Other than that, you need to call an expert service who will effectively address the issue.

3. Higher Electricity Bills

If you run your air conditioning system all through the day during the summer season, then it could result in higher electricity bills. So, if you find that the electricity bill is higher than normal, then it means that your unit is not that efficient as before.

Age usually brings wear and tear. This leads your unit to become less efficient specifically over time. If it is an older unit, then it needs to work harder for reducing the temperature. Older ones are also less efficient when compared due to the new ones.

So, if you want to save on electricity bills, then you should focus on replacing it with a higher efficiency unit.

4. Lukewarm Air Blowing From The Air Conditioning Unit

Lukewarm Air Blowing From The Air Conditioning Unit

If you find that your AC is blowing hot air instead of cold air, then your unit needs to be checked.

Some of the reasons behind this include a defective compressor if the air conditioner is low on coolant. So, coming out of lukewarm air from your AC is a sign that it needs to be checked. You can even replace the unit depending on your particular needs.

5. Freon And Condensate Leaks

There is a problem if you observe any moisture around your AC. Whenever it comes to your air conditioner, the two common issues are condensate leaks and refrigerant leaks.

Both of these issues can cause your air conditioning system to becomes less efficient. So, if you come across this particular issue, you need to seek expert assistance.

6. Bad Smell Coming From The Vents

If a foul smell is coming from the vents of your air conditioning system, then there are chances that it is either musty or burnt. This is a clear indication that there is a major problem with your AC unit.

There is the presence of intricate wiring in all air conditioning units that can burn out over time. This could lead to a bad smell coming from the vents. In case, you find this smell to be musty or moldy, then there has been the growth of mold within the air duct.

But, if it is a wiring problem, then using the AC could result in the breakdown of the entire unit. All that you need is to call an expert who will check this for you.

Final Thoughts

So, it is very important for you to closely check out these signs. If you need you can also see this here for best mini split air conditioner installation. This will help you to understand whether the air conditioning unit needs servicing or replacement. You can also opt for expert repair services.

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