Six Storage Tips to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh


We all love a good cup of coffee, don’t we? It is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and for a good reason! Coffee beans are essentially the seeds of the coffee plant, and once they are roasted, that is where the essential coffee flavor comes from. We know that the fresher we keep our coffee beans, the better the coffee tastes and the more enhanced flavor. Hence, here are six storage tips to keep coffee beans fresh! Read on to also find out the best coffee beans you can order online.

1. Understand the basics

The best tip you can get is to understand the basics of coffee beans; With the knowledge of how light, heat, air, and moisture affect coffee beans, you can always be on top with your coffee beans. Soon you’ll be a coffee specialist with all the information to judge your coffee beans.

For example, did you know that if you see a glossy finish or an oily residue on the surface area of your coffee beans, it means that your beans are past their prime? The more you know! We understand that coffee beans can be a confusing area, but you can get a lot of information with searching coffee beans online, this will be as easy as drinking the magnificent coffee!

2. Keep them airtight and cool

You should understand that if you keep your coffee beans in a dry and cool area, the chances of it maintaining their freshness are enhanced drastically. Prolonged exposure to moisture, heat, and air is the ultimate enemy of coffee bean storage, so be wise and keep them airtight and cool!

3. Buy the right amount

You may have the urge to buy a large number of coffee beans for the sake of convenience, but exposure to air ruins your beans, and they immediately lose their freshness right after roasting. Hence, it is a wise option to buy your coffee beans in batches for a week or 2 to maintain that freshness.

4. Store in non-reactive containers

Some people like to transfer the beans from their original packaging to a container. Suppose you are one of those people. Keep in mind that you should always use non-reactive containers made out of stainless steel, ceramic, tin, etc. Other than reactiveness, make sure you don’t use mason jars and glass canisters to store it. Sure, it might look nice, but exposure to light can make your coffee stale!

5. Buy unroasted beans

As soon as coffee beans are roasted, they begin losing their freshness and have the chance to go stale, so why don’t you buy unroasted beans for the sake of the beautiful flavor? Yes, you will have to learn some skills, but in the end, that amazing coffee flavor will be worth it!

6. Don’t store near windows

Light and heat have the ability to ruin the freshness of your coffee beans, so make sure that you keep them away from the window if you want to preserve that great flavor!

Coffee is amazing, and it’s something that gives joy to many people around the world. By acquiring the proper information you need to store your coffee beans, you can take your coffee drinking experience to a new level!


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