Skills Needed To Become An Expert Plumber

People have a lot of prejudices when it comes to skilled trade jobs. However, the reality is totally different because you need a set of skills to be able to do them. Aside from this, the benefits of these jobs are numerous starting from the fact that you can work on your own, and dictate your own conditions, to creating a company that earns a lot of money and hires more staff to do the job. These trades include electrician, welder, handyman, and plumber, which is something we are going to talk about here. If you have ever wondered what are some skills needed for this trade, and what exactly does it entail, keep on reading.

Firstly, you should be aware that as a plumber you can focus on residential or commercial jobs, as well as installation or fixing. It is just a matter of preference. Regardless of what you choose, one thing you will definitely need is physical strength. Plumbing jobs usually mean you have to work in confined spaces and lift and handle pipes, heavy tools, and appliances require muscle. Another important thing for any plumber is manual dexterity, which means you have good hand and finger coordination so that you are able to grasp the necessary tool, even with gloves on. Something that requires your strength, and that you will have to do is installing kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters, gas pipes and systems, and much more. You have to know how to work with adhesives, sealants, hacksaws, pliers, and mole grips. Another necessary skill is precision. This is especially important when applying algebra, and geometry while measuring before your work. As a plumber, you will also have to know how to interpret blueprints so that you don’t damage other pipes or installation and wires.

After all, figuring out which tools to use and what approach to try is where all those skills will be needed. Something that is not given a lot of attention are also soft skills. These include knowing how to talk to customers, listening to their needs and wishes, and communicating in the best possible way to reach a joint decision. You have to be a team player because chances are you won’t be able to work alone. Administrative and business skills may also come in handy when it comes to calculating the price, organizing your time, and assessing the time you will need to complete the work. This is important because every customer will want this information. One more thing to know before pursuing a career as a plumber is to be okay with noise, working in not so clean conditions, and the fact that the job can be dangerous at times.

All of these skills are what will make you a qualified plumber for any type of job, and you should definitely highlight them in your resume. Know that practice and experience are what will make you even better at your job, so be patient, learn as much as you can, and always try to improve your skills and your work.