Skin Checks At A Skin Cancer Clinic In Sydney


Skin checks for Melanoma and other skin cancers at the clinics are not performed regularly like checks for other types of cancer. They are performed when a patient asks the doctor or when a doctor identifies a patient who requires a skin check. How many times this should be done depends on the patient’s risk. There are few people that have fair skin and aged 42 – 49  are more likely to attend for a skin check. Those who had skin cancer before and those who think they are personally at risk of skin cancer.

People who themselves ask the doctor for skin check have a high level of education and have a concern about the suspicious changes in the skin which they identified by self-examination. There are a number of specialised Skin cancer Clinic in Sydney available like Sundoctors Australia, to attend the patients.

 Finding The Right Skin Clinic

There are a lot of Skin Clinics in Sydney and a number of factors to consider when selecting the right clinic to visit for a skin check for finding whether or not attending a special skin clinic provides many advantages over a general practitioner visit. You should be aware that specialist Skin Clinics are run by general practitioners, not a dermatologist.

 Staff Qualifications

The experience and qualifications of the doctor examining the skin are important. For the initial assessment of a suspicious skin lesion, visiting a General practitioner is required. Your general practitioners are familiar with your medical history so they are the best to make the examination. He can refer on to a specialist if required. You can ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist if you are not sure and would like to take a second opinion on the diagnosis, even if the doctor has not recommended a specialist visit.

 Other Factors

Other factors which influence your choice of skin cancer clinic include –

  •     Cost – whether the cost is partially or wholly covered by Medicare, the cost of the beginning and ongoing treatments and the test and the cost of travel to and from the clinic.
  •     Waiting time – Waiting time at some clinics may be too long if you have concerning lesions. Your general practitioner may be able to arrange an urgent appointment if you have a suspicious lesion which needs urgent treatment.
  •     Area of residence – an area of Residence and the Specialists available in the area. In areas with no local specialist, referring a general practitioner may provide a list of nearby specialists and those who visit the area regularly.

Finding The Right Specialist

A lot of specialists may be involved in the assessment and treatment of skin lesions. Mostly these are Dermatologist or skin specialist and surgical oncologist or cancer specialist. The Cancer Council provides a searchable directory of Specialists that may be involved in the treatment of skin cancer.


The cost of a skin check may vary depending on who is performing it. The general practitioners those working in specialist clinics and dermatologist may bulk bill the services, but this varies from practice to practice. Bulk billing is dependent on a pensioner or concession card. The bulk bill varies depending on the type of service being provided. A clinic may bill for the initial skincare but require upfront payment for other services.



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