Skydiving can make your travel unforgettable

The next time you travel, you could just do the regular sightseeing or beach bum relaxation, or shopping. Or you can take your travel to an entire new level and try a skydive that will elevate you up while you’re going down. Skydiving is bound to make any place you travel to an unforgettable experience, and this is because it provides an adrenaline rush like no other. This, paired with a view of the surroundings that will be a once in a lifetime experience, is enough to encourage you to  go for it. If you’re debating to take the plunge or not, here are some reasons to do it and more information on skydiving. 

Who can skydive? 

There is a minimum age of 16 to skydive, but there’s no maximum age. And if you missed it, we’ve seen former presidents of the US skydive on their 60th, 70th, and even 80th birthdays! So basically, if you’re of stable physical and cognitive health, you too can take the jump. Many times you’ll hear people saying skydiving is only for the young, with the added perk of being young and dumb and that’s why they do it. These are very subjective opinions coming from people sitting on their couch, so pay no heed to these opinions; they are just that, opinions. There are lots of sane people out there who do it, and they are neither young nor dumb. 

Tandem skydive

If it’s going to be your first jump, you can get quickly trained and go for a tandem jump which involves being joined or ‘attached’ to an experienced instructor. The instructor is responsible for the entire procedure of all the equipment involved. You get trained for some basics, such as the correct exit position, and the lift of your legs during landing. But other than that, you’re basically just holding on and enjoying the ride.

Best locations

There are several places around the world that have been rated to be the best locations to skydive in. One of those locations is North Wollongong Beach, Sydney, Australia, which was ranked #11 of the locations chosen. The best skydiving companies in Sydney will offer both solo and tandem skydiving, as well as jumps that suit beginners as well as advanced. You can also find different package deals for groups. Imagine the view from the top of the waters of Wollongong Beach where whales and dolphins gather, and witnessing those beautiful mammals, then landing on the shores of the beach. Also, paying a bit extra for lots of exquisite photos of you and the magnificent views would definitely be worth it. 

Calculated thrill

Thrill-seeking doesn’t really cover the mentality of going skydiving because thrill-seeking can be about taking uncalculated risks, while skydiving is much safer and easier than you might think. Yes, there is a fear, there are sweaty palms and heart pounding wildly before the jump. But what most skydivers will tell you is that they never feel they’re jumping down to their demise, but jumping into an exhilarating freedom that is difficult to find anywhere on the ground. 

The rush vs the fear

Talk to anyone who has experienced it, and they will definitely describe for you the rush they get. This rush completely takes over any fear they would have had at the beginning. If you remember that statistically, skydiving is much safer than driving your car it should put your fears aside.  At the same time, once the free fall is over and the parachute is up, you begin to experience a calmness that you probably never experienced before. This happens simply because once you’re dangling from a parachute, you won’t have much to do than to breathe in the overwhelming view and scenery. 

Skydiving is something to try at least once, but it sure doesn’t have to be only once. No one would be surprised if you become a skydiving-adrenaline-rush junkie afterwards. Your next travel plans can be ordinary or extraordinary if you decide to go for it. It’s excitement mixed with total relaxation and a true moment of living in the now. 

While skydiving is an exhilarating way to enhance your travel experiences, understanding and adhering to safety measures in such high-risk sports is crucial. Dive into our informative post, What Are the Critical Safety Measures for High-Risk Sports?, to learn about essential safety protocols and tips that ensure a thrilling yet secure adventure in extreme sports like skydiving.