Slash Heating Bills With Proper Window Seals


When your home starts to feel colder than normal and your heating bill skyrockets, you may be tempted to blame your HVAC system. While your heater and vents may certainly be part of the problem, there are other sources of heat loss in the home. In some cases, your high heating bill may be linked to your windows. In fact, many homeowners are surprised to discover just how much money they can save each month with proper window seals.

All Windows Come With Seals

Window seals are a standard part of every window made in the modern era. However, not all homeowners are even aware of this included feature. Seals are included during window installation in order to create an air-tight fit. Most modern windows are made with double and triple panes. These panes are only effective if an appropriate seal is correctly installed around the perimeter. This allows the space between the panes to be filled with insulating gases for superior heat retention.

Window Seal Failure Is A Common Problem

Seal failure is not uncommon after window installation. In some cases, the seal may fail quickly due to problems with the installation process. The seal itself may be defective, or it may be damaged during transportation at some point. However, window seals can also fail for other reasons. If the wood frame surrounding your window warps or rots, then the shifting can damage the seal. Issues like moisture and mold can also be quite damaging to your seals. Moreover, different types of seals are made for different weather conditions. People who live in less temperate climates throughout Canada should not pick wood or aluminum windows in order to make sure the seal is always strong.

Proper Window Seals

Check To See If Your Window Seals Are Functional

Most homeowners are not experts in window installation, which can make it hard to gauge the seal’s condition. Some minor seal failures may not hinder your window’s performance at all to start. However, as the seal failure worsens, the effects will also worsen. One telltale sign of a problem is if moisture starts to accumulate between the panes. The moisture may vary with weather fluctuations, but you will not be able to clean it away on your own. As time goes on, you may also start to notice an accumulation of dirt or grime on the interior of your panes. Finally, your heating bills may start to increase as air escapes more quickly from your home.

 You Should Quickly Address Issues With Your Window Seals

If you notice any signs of window seal failure, you should act quickly. The problem will only get worse, and you will waste money on increasing energy bills as you put off repairs. Repair options can be limited depending on the extent of the damage and the type of damage. You may be able to get the seal repaired, or you may choose additional insulating fixes. However, some people opt for an entirely new window in order to protect the integrity of their home. No matter which option you choose, moving forward is important. Your window seals play an important part in keeping your energy bills in check. By keeping this information in mind, you can protect your window seals and slash your heating bills this winter.

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