Slot games: The ultimate guide


Slots are some of the most popular casino games to play, so there’s no surprise that there is a lot to learn about them, especially if you’re a new player.

It might be useful to have an ultimate guide at hand, just to give you some ideas as to what you should expect within a slot game.

So, carry on reading to find out more on Slots to take your first or future game to the next level…

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What is a slot machine?

It might be easier to grasp the slot game world by figuring out what they are.

Their story began at land-based venues, where they were coin-operated and you would pull a lever to activate three spinning reels – if you were successful coins would drop out for you to claim!

Now, modern Slots don’t use a lever or accept coins – prizes are generated electronically and then, online Slots were born.

All Slots operate with a Random Number Generator, (RNG) which randomises the sequence of the reels that appear, making the game entirely randomised.

This is a basic overview of Slots, but what’s next in this guide?

How to play for the first time

You can wager on online Slots, but if you want to try out a new game, why not try the free demo version?

You’ll be able to experience a game, including any extra features, before deciding if you want to place a wager.

Then, you can go on to broaden your slot horizons, with video Slots and even the possibility of 3D Slots!

Who knows where the future of Slots will end up?

Familiarise yourself with slot game symbols

If you’re not as familiar with slot games, there are a few symbols that crop up a lot, so identifying them beforehand will give you a great starting point!

Playing cards – As many casino games revolve around a deck of cards, Slots utilise this too – these symbols are usually A to nine royals, jack, queen or king.

Fruits – These symbols are some of the ones that first started off back when Slots were coin-operated. However, they are still used frequently within both land-based and online Slots, especially when it comes to a more retro gaming experience.

There are other symbols that depend on what type of slot you’re playing and what different features ae involved – an example being a multiplier symbol, which can multiply the value of any potential prizes.

Games with multipliers can offer some of the highest payouts, but what other symbols will you find during gameplay?


It’s clear that there’s so many fun elements and features surrounding these games, but it’s important to budget during your gaming experience, especially if you aren’t as familiar with casino games.

Set aside funds that are within your limit, then you’re free to go ahead and spin the reels!

With a quick guide on navigating around the world of Slots, use this guide and delve deeper into these chance-based games!

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