Slots vs Tables: Which casino games are the best to play?

A war has been raging in the casino for decades. On one side, you’ve got slot machines. On the other, you’ve got tables. To help decide once and for all which is better, we’ve called in the help of the experts from the online casino to discuss the pros and cons of each.   

What’s to love about slots then? These machines are designed to be fast and fun. With no complicated rules or betting strategies to wrap your head around, slots are a good choice for new players. All you need to do is hit spin and cross your fingers for a win. Play a machine attached to a progressive jackpot and you could land millions in a matter of seconds.

However, be warned: slots are volatile. If Lady Luck’s not on your side, you could blow your bankroll very quickly. For this reason, seasoned casino players often stick to the tables. Though the minimum stakes tend to be higher, table games have much lower house edges. This means you can expect steadier payouts.

So, if you’re looking for decent returns, there’s really no contest: table games are the way to go. Nevertheless, bgo says you should still have some fun on slots now and again. Who knows, just one spin could see you win a multimillion-pound progressive jackpot . . .