Small Business ideas For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


In today’s job market, there are very few things more attractive than getting up, quitting, and leaving your nine to five behind. It’s a narrative that’s so romanticized and overused that it has become, today, the pinnacle of personal freedom. As much as a lot of that talk is just talk, it really is a good idea to try your hand at building and sustaining your own business.

It’s a life skill that will carry over into every other aspect of your professional life. And people who start a small business do not immediately quit their job and throw their files in the air. It’s done as a source of side income. Now, once that grows to the point where you can sustain yourself for years to come, then you’ve got yourself a reason to step out of the cubicle. Having a hard time figuring out where to start? Here are a few business ideas that can keep that extra income flowing.

T-Shirt Company

If you can find a niche idea or subculture, there’s a t-shirt company to be made. Even without any prior experience, if you have a design and access to industrial printing products, you’re on your way to putting your ideas out to the market. When it comes to a clothing company, be sure that there’s a pre-existing sensibility with your clothes. There’s nothing worse than falsely anticipation a market based on the thing that you personally like. That’s bound to yield more frustration than you’d ever want

Woodwork And Leatherwork

If you’ve got a knack for making things with your hands, there’s a gigantic market for custom and bespoke wooden and leather items. These two materials in particular compliment a very specific “retro” aesthetic that’s dominating popular culture. How many times have you gone to a young, hip restaurant, only to see the decor filled with 19th century sensibilities and warehouse looks? That same vein of design sparks a huge interest in smartphone cases, leather accessories, bags, backpacks, sunglass cases, etc. Woodworking and leather working isn’t just for high school electives. It’s now a bonafide money making business idea.

Supplement Company

You’ve spent years and years building the body of your dreams. You’ve spent countless wads of cash on supplements, figuring out that most of the mare garbage and maybe 4-5 actually do anything. Starting a supplement company may be pricey, but there’s a huge potential payoff. Go for white label at first, and then from there research your own manufacturers.

Personal Trainer

You’ve got volumes of written programs with reps and sets and giant sets. Essentially, you have all the things you need to be a personal trainer. There’s always an evolving health and wellness market. The trick is not to be married to any one philosophy of training. Be sure to get a certification from a credible sports medicine academy, though. Look at an organization like NASM or IFSM and see what they have to offer. This ensures that you can break out of any fad and work in legitimate facilities like those training for the Olympics

Starting a business can be anything. You can sell MCT oil, you can offer massage services, you can be a life/career coach. The options are limitless. All it has to do is be simple. Make absolutely sure that you have 4 things: a product, a means to deliver, a payment structure, and a means to receive said payment. Those four elements is all business really is. The rest is just fine print.

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