Smart Accessories You Need to Install in Your Cars


Driving our cars has become a staple of our modern lives. Between commuting to work, running errands, and going on fun road trips, we’ve never spent so much time in our vehicles. In fact, the average American will spend an entire 18 days (more than 430 hours!) behind the wheel every year. So, with this in mind, why not look into ways to make your daily commutes a little more convenient?

To that end, we’ve compiled some of the best car gadgets and accessories available on the market that are guaranteed to improve everyday safety, practicality, and organization. You can even consider options like personalised number plates as well as finding number plates for sale. Whether this is your first ever car or if you’ve just purchased your spouse a brand new SUV, these ingenious products are bound to make any driver’s life considerably easier. They’ll make for great gifts, too!

Bluetooth Key Finder

How many times did you get stuck at home, rummaging through every room looking for your car keys? Misplaced keys are an all too common inconvenience for many of us. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to happen anymore. With a Bluetooth-powered key finder device -easy to use, widely available and reasonably priced- you won’t ever need to worry about being late for your next meeting or appointment so this might be the best car gadget for sure. Meanwhile, if you want to order high-quality Private Number Plates, just visit the link. 

Smart Car Locator

In a similar vein, if you’re a frequent shopper, chances are you’ve spent quite some time going back and forth between rows of parked cars to find your own vehicle. That’s alright, not all of us have the memory of an elephant. Fortunately, technology has remedied this trivial issue with smart car locators. It’s a mini device to install in your car and that will relay an instantaneous GPS position to your phone. Pretty convenient, right? Scour the web for purchasing options.

Dash Cam

The truth is, every vehicle nowadays should come with an on-board dash cam. Since this isn’t yet the case, you’ll need to procure your own. Dash cams are useful commodities that monitor and record everything that’s happening before and/or behind you while driving. A truly smart dash cam will come with a motion sensor for seeing moving objects when you’re not physically present in your car; it’s an awesome feature and a great alternative to a constantly running camera. If you’re not equipped yet, you’re bound to find a suitable model, thanks to this in-depth comparative review guide. Remember, safety and precaution should always come first!

Smartphone Car Mount with Charger

While we’d usually recommend staying away from electronics when driving, there’s no denying that our mobiles can be helpful companions on the road. From navigation and musical entertainment to dialing emergency numbers in case of accidents, they need to be accessible within arm’s reach. That’s why a smartphone mount that attaches to your dashboard or windshield is an essential item to install in your car. Make sure to buy one that allows your phone to remain charged and operational at all times.

Long-Range Radar Detector

Some people love driving for the sensation of freedom it gives them on the highway. Not to put the brakes on your adrenaline rush, but these behaviors may put your safety at risk, and hit you right in the wallet. So, before stomping that gas pedal mindlessly on your next road trip, consider investing in a smart radar detector to avoid getting pricey speeding tickets.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

We all have that one friend whose car is plain disgusting, which makes the prospect of stepping foot in it just dreadful. Don’t be that friend! With daily usage, the inside of your vehicle can quickly become a dirty mess. That’s a reason why you should purchase a portable vacuum cleaner to keep your car fresh and clean. There are lots of practical model options to choose from online that will fit every budget.

Trash Bag for Long Trips

If you’re the kind of driver who carelessly throws your garbage out the window, shame on you! However, changing these habits is entirely within your reach. Particularly for lengthy trips where everybody eats, drinks or smokes in the car, it’s best to have an on-board sealable trash bag to keep it all in one place. After all, littering is a punishable offense, and the road is no place for uncivil manners.

We can thank modern technology for developing gadgets and products that are designed to make our daily driving experience safer, more predictable and agreeable. Now, with the market being updated with ever more sophisticated commodities, remember to check out the news and to keep an eye out for the next trendy car accessories!

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