Smart Home Automation: The What, How & Why


Smart technology is becoming an integral part in all of our lives. Smartphones have been a daily lifestyle essential for decades, but it is only as of late that smart technology has started making its way into our homes.

The question being, what is smart home automation all about, and why is it such a big deal?

What is Home Automation?

The term “Smart Home Technology” is used in reference to a broad range of devices and controllers, designed to simplify the way we interact with appliances and electronics around the home.

It is a broad category that extends to everything from wireless alarm systems to CCTV cameras, lighting controls and automatic blinds. With a smart home automation system set up, you can control all of the integrated devices via a smartphone app, or in some cases a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa.

How Does Smart Home Automation Work?

These smart systems and controllers are designed to communicate with one another directly or via a central Wi-Fi router.

The former of the two options is referred to as creating a ‘mesh’ network, where the devices communicate with each other independently. This can be advantageous, as the system’s functionality is not reliant on a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal.

Integrating smart home technology is becoming easier all the time, particularly with the Zigbee mesh network protocol.

For example, the Evvr’s Zigbee 3.0 In-Wall Smart Relay Switch can be installed in place of any conventional light switch around the home. With no neutral wire required, the Evvr Zigbee 3.0 IRS can be installed in almost any home, irrespective of the home’s age. Once activated, the switch can be controlled and interacted with remotely, enabling the user to take total control over the home’s lighting system.

From brightness to colour to automatic switch off times to preset themes, a long list of features can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Why is Smart Home Automation a Big Deal?

As for why smart home automation is seen as the next big thing, the integration of smart devices can be beneficial in a variety of ways such as lighting control and much more. It can be used to boast home security, improve energy efficiency and enhance everyday convenience.

It can also play a role in providing better care for elderly and disabled individuals remotely.

All of which is being made possible by the design and development of an increasingly sophisticated range of smart devices for simple home automation. Along with smart lighting systems, the following are also proving popular among more households than ever before:

Smart Thermostats

It was the smart thermostat that kick-started the smart home automation trend, and remains a staple on the scene today. It is a simple device that offers the same basic functions as a standard thermostat, though can be controlled and interacted with remotely. Great for monitoring temperatures, keeping tabs on air quality and reducing energy consumption where possible.

Security Cameras/Surveillance/Doorbell Cams

Smart home security devices have exploded in popularity since they became significantly easier to install. Doorbell cams in particular can be installed and activated in a matter of minutes, connected to the home’s network and integrated with remotely. Home security systems that can be accessed via a smartphone from anywhere in the world in real-time are proving particularly popular as of late.

Kitchen Appliances

The benefits of smart kitchen appliances go far beyond the novelty of being able to turn them on and off remotely. Refrigerators that remind you to pick up groceries you are running short on, smart cookers with recipes you can synch from your smartphone, Bluetooth thermometers that tell your mobile device exactly when your roast is ready, this is just the beginning.

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