Social Media Contests and Vote gathering Strategies


Marketing is the super power tool to catch right audience for any niche. New learners struggle to get their place in the vast online medium. There are many big brands out online to catch right audience to sell their stuffs. To get right results, you have to move constantly using right skills. It takes time to reach some success, so you have to love the work with patient. Social media contests are the main players to find new targeted visitors for your business.

Which are the top social media contests?

At first, you need to find the well working platform for your contest. If you plan to target old aged audience and you should try platforms like Twitter. Sometimes advertising on search engine like Bing and Yahoo may help to catch the old age people. From a recent study of VPM, we can find this result. Really interesting to look and read the report of VPM. You can apply the same skills to gather old age audience using those platforms. But, you can’t run online contests on advertising platforms.

In this case, you can create a landing page with offering relevant freebies to get their attention. If you want to target younger audience and you have many choices. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.  Be sure to check out options like comprar seguidores reales instagram as well for help.

All these three platforms allow marketers to create online contests. Also these platforms have super support to clear all your doubts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions with them. Wait for their answer and apply your new experience with that campaign to get more votes and visitors for your polls.

Vote gathering strategies for 2020

To win online polls and contests, you need bulk volume of votes. If you are the expert in your field, you can apply your experience to get votes for your contest. For people who struggle to market their contest, we are going to show the top working strategies for 2020 in the coming paragraphs.

1. Your blog is the first choice to market your contest entry. Join for 1 to 2 contests per month. If you join for several contests and your fans get bored. To get super conversion, you have to send 1 to 2 contest links with your fans.

2. Your organic web traffic should be around 5 – 10k visitors per month. So you can get good results for your polls. According to the recent study of VPM online voting provider, when you have 5-10k active traffic per month, you can easily get 1000 votes for your contest entry. If you have small blog with few hundred people and your votes volume also looks small.

3. Forum is the gateway to get ultimate free traffic. Create a profile and add signature to your contest link. Reply to various posts genuinely and gather trust from your visitors to gather more votes. Some marketers gather 12% of votes from their total volume of votes from Forum signature.

4. Free vote exchange sites are good places to gather some fast votes for your contests. It takes time to find few free vote exchange sites. Once you have the list of sites, you can start posting likes for others to get return votes for your entry.

Ultimate way is buying votes for contests

The above methods help you to get some votes for your contest if you have super established blog, forum profile and accounts on vote exchange sites. Do you have more time to spend to find new strategies to gather votes? And if your answer is YES, the above methods can fit for you.  You can even consider as a way to promote as well.

When your competitor gets thousands of votes exactly at the contest ending day, the above methods won’t work. So you need an alternative effective way to get lead from your competitors. Buy votes for your online polls from repetitive online voting providers like vapulsemedia (VPM).

Voting provider often feeds into the discovery of new votes such as IP and social media contests. They can also help you to win contests to win more prizes. Share your own experience and strategies you used to gather fast votes to win online polls.

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