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Sofa in a Box Delivery Benefits

Sofa in a Box Delivery Benefits

It’s no secret that companies like IKEA and Argos are popular to buy furniture from when you live in a smaller space or even in a typical UK home with narrow entryways and halls. Flat-packed or modular furniture is often necessary to even get new furniture into your home, let alone in place. This delivery style is a lifesaver for many and has guaranteed more than one piece of furniture could be deliverable. This is one of many reasons our team wanted to make our luxury sofas available in an easy-to-deliver manner. This desire led to the creation of the Smart Sofa, Sofa in a Box design which makes delivery a breeze. There are so many benefits to this modular delivery system, so we’ve added a few below.

Delivery Benefits

Our team spent decades selling and delivering traditional sofas that, unfortunately, on more than one occasion, could not get through the door for delivery. This is a pain for all involved, creating disappointment and often requiring the selection of a completely new and different suite. So it made sense to create a new, innovative, flexible delivery system that ensured we could consistently deliver our lounges without hiccups. Once you’ve placed an order online, the boxing and delivery will make getting your new sofa into place a breeze. We promise to deliver the most effortless furniture delivery ever, with certainty that the sofa will be able to reach its designated space.

Modular Box Delivery

As mentioned, Smart Sofa uses a modular system, splitting each sofa into smaller elements to be packed into its own box, which can get through narrow halls and into the house. So your home configuration will never be a barrier again! We can deliver through any doorway in a house or flat and can now be easily traversed by sliding the boxes into place. Furthermore, each part is split at a logical split point which won’t be noticeable after the piece is constructed, making the delivery simple.

We Offer Options

The Sofa in a Box design is innovative and unique, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on style or luxury. The range is available as an Armchair, Chaise, and various suite configurations, with or without a daybed, with complimentary pieces including footstools and ottomans. Each is upholstered with luxurious vegan velvet and filled with foam and polyester. The finish is stain-resistant and soft, adding sophistication to any space while also being child and pet-proof. This is a luxury sofa that looks beautiful while being safe and practical and offering creature comfort. Our focus has never wavered on well-crafted, quality furniture.


This is the fun part – opening each individual box for construction. You may think there must be a setup or longevity cost of the sofa, but the team has thought of everything. There is no quality compromise anywhere. Each element maintains quality construction with eco-friendly and sustainable materials with no scrimping on any part of the construction, even with the modulation for delivery after. We believe in our range so entirely that each sofa and suite we sell comes with a 25-year warranty included in the sale. This gives buyers peace of mind that we believe in our range, and you can believe in it too.

Put It All Together

The actual assembly part of putting one of our sofas together is a snap. There are no tools involved or needing multiple people to hold this bit or that together while the couch is built. Instead, Sofa in a Box is hassle-free and easily the most straightforward construction job you will ever undertake. It can be completed in moments with minimal effort, and then it’s ready to use immediately. So get ready to relax with the sofa set in its new pride of place.

An On-Hand Team

Our team offers on-hand support through the entire ordering process. In addition, we are proud to provide unique design specifications, fabric selections, and sofa advice to our customers. We are passionate about listening, testing the market, and making our products and services the best available on the market.

Visit the Smart Sofa Website

Explore our range, discover the colours and fabrics, and order. Or, if you want to get a feel of the fabric first, order your box of colour samples and swatches that can be delivered to you first. We at Smart Sofas are passionate about creating quality products that make delivery easy for every customer, making our version of modulation perfect for all.


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