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There are a plethora of dating services on the Internet. The variety is so huge that it is easy to get lost in similar sites offering online acquaintance with Slavic beauties. Unfortunately, only a small part of those dating platforms are trustworthy. Sofiadate is a website that has much more visitors monthly than any other similar site. It raised our curiosity and we decided to check what attracts so many users, how Sofia date works, and whether it is worth trying at all.

In the Sofiadate review below, you will learn everything about our experience, the pros and cons of Sofiadate, if women on this dating website are real, what its costs are, etc. Let’s see what the Astrasoft projects trademark has to offer to men from different countries.

A short Sofiadate overview

What perks we found about this dating website:

  • A lot of ladies interested in meeting foreigners
  • Excellent customer support
  • No fake profiles
  • Free credits after completing your profile
  • Real women looking for a long term relationship
  • Online chats with wonderful ladies
  • Quick registration process
  • Users can stop buying credits at any time
  • Fair pricing policy

Some shortcomings we found about Sofia date:

  • No mobile app
  • Not all girls can have video calls 24/7
  • No chance to swap contact details until you get to know women

When you can use Sofiadate:

  • You want to start dating online
  • You want to start chatting with beautiful women
  • You are looking for Ukrainian ladies for friendship, dating, long term relationships, and marriage

How to become a registered member on Sofia date

Such a site as Sofiadate appreciates the time of users. It won’t even take you 5 minutes to create an account on this dating platform. Provide a few basic details, including your name, email, gender, and birth date, and become a registered member. Once you do that, you can start browsing women’s profiles.

One good thing about this online dating platform is that you will hardly be overwhelmed by messages from hot female members if your profile is empty. It would not mean those beautiful women are interested in you. It would only say that those are fake profiles making you spend as much money as possible.

Therefore, if you plan to start chatting with women, make sure to fill in your profile at least with some basic information and a good profile picture. Real women are not willing to communicate with anonymous users.

Confirm your email address to get free credits

You will enjoy quick and free registration on Sofiadate. The dating site doesn’t even oblige you to confirm your email. You should do it though to get 10 free credits. After doing so, you can get back to your profile page and add more information about you, update your photos, etc. This is a necessary step because it will allow you to start chatting with beautiful women who are looking for interesting conversations with potential decent grooms online.

Free credits are a sort of a free trial. By using them, you can check how the Sofiadate site operates, if you can rely on it in search of your potential partner, and whether it suits your needs and expectations at all. They are enough to contact ladies online. After using them, you can buy credits on the Sofia date website.

What photos are the best to use on the website?

No worries, your contact details are not seen by anyone online. The only information Slavic beauties see about you is your picture and what you managed to write in your profile. We tried different photos for a few days. At first, we uploaded a picture of a hot man with a naked core who boasted of his great bodybuilding achievements. Not many ladies on the dating platform were willing to contact us or even answer our chat invitations.

The photo at the party in the company of friends also didn’t make any impression on this dating site. After that, we posted a few normal pictures with a smile and in the backyard or office. A lot of women accepted our online chat invitations and happily discussed their hobbies, expectations, and asked questions. It clearly says what kind of men these women are searching for.

How much does Sofia date cost?

Sofiadate offers free registration and free credits for new members. However, the site is not free. It is a premium online dating website where anyone can look for ladies with serious intentions and marriage in mind. You know that not every paid dating site is a good website. Thus, we decided to check what Sofia date charges for and whether it is worth it.

  • 35 credits for new members — $2.99
  • 50 credits — $19
  • 100 credits — $33
  • 250 credits — $75
  • 400 credits — $99
  • 1.000 credits — $199

It looks like the prices are ridiculous compared to other dating sites. This pricing policy seemed to be very fair and transparent. Let’s check how often you will need to buy credits to use the website.

What dating services should you pay for on Sofiadate?

Depending on what services you are going to use on the site, you will know what package you need to purchase. Here is the list of services and how many credits they cost:

  • Likes in online chats or profiles — 2 credits/1 like
  • Saying “hello” to a new lady — 2 credits/1 “hello”
  • Live chat — 20 credits/10 minutes
  • Stickers in a chat online — 5 credits/1 sticker
  • A wink in a chat — 2 credits/1 wink
  • To send/receive a picture in a chat online or a letter — 10 credits/1 picture
  • To send/listen to an audio message — 15 credits/1 message
  • To send a letter — 20 credits/1 letter
  • To send/receive a video message — 25 credits
  • To watch a video show — 5 credits/each
  • To send gifts — depends on the particular gifts (there is a bunch of them on the site)

How to save money on Sofia date

Naturally, we wanted to test as many features on this dating site as possible, so we did not use any money-saving tactics. We tried to contact as many women as we could to verify if there are any serious Slavic beauties on the website. It wasn’t free at all. We tried out each and every service on the site. It cost us around $970.

If you do not get in touch with each woman on Sofiadate, you are more likely to spend just up to $100 to get to know your chat partner well. Using the support team is free, so in case you have any issues with the ladies, you can always contact it right from your account and your problem will be quickly solved.

Free services on Sofia date

Talking to one or a few more women on this online dating site will not cost you a fortune as it did to us. Sofiadate’s pricing policy is quite fair and reasonable. Just don’t jump from one dating profile to another one and it will allow you to save a bunch of money on this site. The dating site also offers plenty of free features:

  • Creating a free account
  • Free support/moderation team
  • Browsing women’s profiles
  • Reading messages from all the ladies in chats

Looking for women on Sofiadate

Once you join this dating site, you can see the search feature right in your account. At the top of the page, there is constant access to all filters. Search women for free by:

  • Her country and city
  • Body type, height
  • Hair/eye color
  • Occupation/education
  • Marital status
  • Her purpose for being on the site

Thus, you can easily find a potential match by some of the girl’s appearance criteria but you won’t be able to search by a girl’s hobby, for instance. Contact women and ask about their hobbies in private chats or letters. You can also apply some matching tools that will help you find potential partners quicker.

The quality of women on Sofia date

Although there are no video chats on Sofiadate, you can easily view their video shows or receive video messages from women showing how exactly they look right now. You can access anyone’s profile not by clicking her picture like on other dating sites, but by clicking a profile icon.

All women’s profiles are detailed, you will hardly find a half-empty one. You can check her appearance, employment status, hobbies, self-description, and the description of her potential partner. In a video message, every girl on the dating site looks just like in her photos. They seem interested in communication and dating.

Communication on Sofiadate

This site is very user-friendly in terms of communication. Once having an account, you can access all the necessary features, including chats, letters, winks, etc. One of the weirdest things about Sofia date is that you can start talking to a girl only by seeing her photo and without even opening her profile.

The system is a bit different from that on other sites but you will quickly learn it. Communication is very smooth and there are plenty of options to get in touch. You won’t wait for answers for ages. There is a video button near a lady and if she is available for a video chat, you can click it.

Extra features

There are a few extras to use on this dating site:

  • Contact details request — you can learn more about it in the FAQ section. You can request contacts of your special woman if you had non-stop communication with her for a month on which you spent at least 5,000 credits. She will choose what details to provide you with. You cannot ask for details of other members if you were not in touch regularly.
  • Personal meeting request — this is a free feature but you can ask customer support for it only after getting a lady’s contact. We were not going to meet anyone, so we didn’t test this feature.

Our verdict

When using this dating site, we found out that creating an account is totally free. The support team works perfectly well and even on email, it answers within 24 hours. Many dating services contain fake profiles and it is easy to resize it by communicating a bit with the girls. On Sofiadate, women show true interest and do not answer the requests of “doubtful” profiles. If you have no photo or description, no one will pay attention to your account no matter how persistent you are.

It is easy to use and navigate the site. One of the girls we remember most of all Varvara was very thoughtful, answered all questions, sent video messages telling about her everyday life, was very educated, and genuine. She received a bunch of flowers from us and happily shared the photos of her receiving the gift, and was truly surprised. The mobile version works well, so you can access Sofiadate even on the go. If you talk to a few women at a time, the cost will be very reasonable. Finding your special woman for dating and marriage is possible and it doesn’t take much time. Hopefully, this review was helpful.


If you still have questions about Sofia date, check the following information and find possible answers to them.

What is

Sofiadate is a premium dating site for men looking for someone to date and marry from another country. It connects western guys and Slavic females. All ladies are marriage-oriented and willing to move abroad.

Is Sofiadate a legitimate dating site?

Yes, Sofia date is fully legitimate and confidential. All your data is highly protected. The payment options are secure. You can always contact customer support in case you have any concerns or issues.

Is a scam site?

No. Sofia date operates honestly according to its Terms and Conditions. You can read them carefully before using the site. The ladies are verified carefully, their background and documents are thoroughly checked.


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