Soil Test Kit: How it Benefits Your Lawn?


Everyone enjoys the view provided by an esthetically pleasing and productive lawn or garden. But, since they help create a serene environment that gives a house a homely feeling, they are very important. And that is why they need proper care.

At the same time, what better way to take care of them than using a soil test kit? While adding fertilizer and all other garden care also count as ‘taking care of the lawn’, they come secondary to having a test kit. At, you get to see one of the best soil test kits on the market, and your lawn will thank you for it.

This is because certain factors need evaluation before adding fertilizer to your lawn. And you can only analyze these factors using a test kit. Therefore, in this article, we will look into the benefits of using a test kit on your lawn.

What is Soil Testing?

Soil testing is a chemical analysis carried out on soil samples obtained from a particular area. The main goal of this test is to get an estimate of the soil’s ability to give nutrients. That way, you can know the right fertilizers to use rather than doing guesswork.

Generally, the best time to test the lawn is when no plants are growing. At this point, there is neither a plant living off its nutrients nor fertilizers applied yet, which may taint the results obtained.

From the results obtained from the lawn test, the analyst can then monitor its chemical conditions and tap from existing nutrient supplies. In addition, proper lawn analysis also helps to figure out nutrient deficiencies and the right amounts of fertilizer needed. It also helps to understand when, during the year, to apply the fertilizer and the pH range of the lawn.

Benefits of Soil Testing

There are several benefits attached to testing the soil for nutrients. And now that we know what soil testing entails, we can now move forward to check out these benefits.

1. It takes out the guesswork

Carrying out lawn analysis using a test kit helps you to fully comprehend details about the soil. From there, you will get a better idea of the challenges affecting your land as well as the right ways to tackle them. And since we all know that diagnosing the problem is the first step in resolving them, you are one step closer to getting a fertile lawn.

Furthermore, from the soil test report, you most likely will have to balance the pH levels of the lawn. Thus, rather than relying on guesswork, why not give your soil the tender care it needs?

2. Check for nutrients

Proper plant growth requires essential nutrients: calcium, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. And these nutrients are some of the parameters analyzed when using the kit. So when you take a soil sample from your yard and test it, your lawn care professionals can then analyze the results properly to know what your lawn needs.

And as a consequence, this analysis can help prevent overfertilization which may cause damaged roots and stunted growth.

3. Check the pH level

This is one of the most important details you would get from the analysis report. We say this because there must be a balance in the soil’s pH level before it can supply or receive nutrients. If there is a pH imbalance, the soil may not absorb the nutrients or fertilizer when applied.

Thus, the soil must not be too acidic or alkaline if you wish to cultivate anything on it. For an acidic lawn, you can treat it with lime, while alkaline soils require treatment with elemental sulfur.

Closing Remarks

Getting a home test kit may just be what you need to improve your soil qualities. Try it out and see the benefit it presents.

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