Solid Vs. Inflatable SUP Boards- Know Which One Would Be The Best For You


When you deep dive into the sup board’s seasyou will find that there are two types of board floating on the waters. These two types of board are the solid and the inflatable sup’s. These two are the basic construction styles in which the boards are made around the world. Both the boards showed their pros and cons.

Along with that, there is a choice of the person’s needs operating behind them, which makes them choose the best sup boards. If you are a newcomer to the field and dream that you must also own a sup board, then here is the detailing of both types of boards. By the end, your mindset will be clear, and you will be able to differentiate which board will be the best for you.

The solid SUP

A solid sup board is one that is made of stiff fibers. The primary material used in the construction of these boards is the EPS foam in the core. It is wrapped up by fiberglass and epoxy. These materials are very lightweight and make the board perfect for surfing. In some of the boards, carbon fiber is also used, which is more light and strong. But the reason behind this is you will not see much of them due to the costly nature of the carbon fiber.

In ancient times these boards are made up of wooden material that gives it a beautiful appearance. Now the main point of discussion is why a person must choose the stable sup. Well, all the reasons to opt for the solid one are mentioned here.

  • The performance level of the solid boards on the waters is very high. The solid board always offers you a smooth ocean water surfing experience, and the journey is smooth. You don’t have to apply much effort in moving this board as they will move nicely with the water flow.
  • If a person is willing to surf faster, they must choose the solid sup board option. If speed is the priority of a person and they like to faster than the ocean waves, then the solid one will suit their requirement to the best.
  • If you are a person who is having an abnormal body, then the normal board will not fit your requirement. You will need a board that is made, especially for a body type like yours. In the solid board, the range and the variety of boards available are more so you can choose the best board for you.
  • The solid board has a rigidity factor, which is absent in the inflatable boards. Due to the absence of stability, a person may feel unstable and insecure when surfing on the water. You will not feel it when you are riding on the normal water, but when it comes to the waves, the solid board rides much lower, making people feel safe when they are surfing.
  • You should choose the solid board for yourself only because you have a proper space to store it. There is some space in your home or shop which the solid sup board will cover. If you have space, then it will be the best fit for you.

Inflatable boards

The inflatable boards are the one that is made by the manufactures with the help of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. It is a polymeric material that is used for its solid build quality and strength. The PVC is used to make up the outer shell of the board. The air takes up space in the middle. There is an air pump provided by the company that you can use to pump up the board’s air. You can easily deflate this board and put it in a storage bag when it is not used.

If we talk about an average inflatable sup board, then the capacity of the air required to fully inflate the board is around 15 pounds per square inch. It is very easy to inflate the board, and also the time duration consumed in its filling is very less. The benefit of buying the inflatable sup boards are discussed below.

  • Not every person has ample space in their house, which they can use to store the solid board. If you have an issue with storage space in your home, then the inflatable board will best suit your requirement. You can pack up the board in a storage bag and fit it easily in any corner of your home. It will not take up much space.
  • Most of the people who are fond of surfing are not living near the sea. People mostly live very far away from the sea, and when they want to enjoy surfing, they have to travel a distance. Now, if you have a solid board, then traveling would be very hard for you. But imagine giving a board that fits up in your bag will be so useful in this situation.
  • The people in love with sup yoga must also opt for this option of the sup board. When a person is performing the poses of yoga, then they have to make up many positions. When they use a soft bedded inflatable board, it will b more comfortable to do all those steps.
  • Let us suppose that unfortunately, you meet up an accident in the sea with a rock or the glacier, then the solid board you have brought will be destroyed. Along with that, you will also be harmed. But in the case of the inflatable board, the situation is different. The board is often and mold very easily with will protect both the board and the person during any such incidents.

The final words

Now all the differences and the feature of both types of the board must be clear in your mind. Now all you need to do is match up all the requirements you have with the features of the sup board and select which board will be the best for you.


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