Spain: the new destination to retire


Have you ever thought in living in another country, with a different climate and knowing all about another culture? Maybe it’s time for doing it. If you are going to retire or you have the real opportunity in your live to move to another country and start over new, Spain is the place. During the last few years, over a million of American citizens have moved to Spain to retire, the main reason is for having their pensions paid out in this country, because in the USA the cost of living as well as health care is has increased considerably in recent years. The same for the UK citizens, in fact, now that the United has separated from the EU because of Brexit, visa requirements have changed and become harder to carry. In spite of, many people continue finding themselves destined to spend their golden years in Europe, so retiring in Spain is the best option.

What do you need to retire in Spain?

The first requirement to move to Spain and carry out this whole process in order to retire in the Spanish state is to obtain the Spanish retirement visa. In principle, you can reside in the country without this visa for 90 days, but if you decide to stay longer it is necessary to apply for a visa which can be either the Golden Visa or the Non-Lucrative Visa. The latter is very popular for all those who are not EU citizens and who want to retire and get their pensions. The only thing is that they cannot work and therefore cannot receive any amount of money apart from the pension they have been allocated.

Benefits of your retirement in Spain

It is important to know about how is a Spanish-life-style before to retire in this Mediterranean country, because it is not the same as going on a long holiday. The weather, the food, the culture and also the people are different, but changes always are a good option. Spain is famous for its climate and depending on the area you can enjoy in places near the beach or the mountain.  There are many options, so you will have the opportunity to choose a beautiful and calm city or town to enjoy yourself: Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Cadiz, Marbella, etc.

Furthermore, the main point is the health care. In Spain, the state’s health institute decrees that all people, doesn’t matter their nationality, they have the right to arrange a health care insurance. Furthermore, if your intention is to live as a permanent resident in Spain, and if you won’t be travelling for over three months at a time, the best option is having a private health care insurance.

Finally, it is important to highlight online platforms such as My Spain Visa you will find a team of lawyers who are experts in this type of administrative, legal and immigration-related procedures. For obtaining visas, residence permits and any other application process in which legal and specialised advice is needed, do not hesitate to contact them to resolve doubts and have professional support from the beginning.

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