Speed Up Your AC Motor With a Variable Frequency Drive & Other Options

Have you been wondering how to speed up your AC motor? It is possible to make the speed vary by changing the input voltage or the frequency that makes the motor rotate. This can be controlled in several ways.

Between a variable frequency drive or an inverter, there are options to change the speed of your AC motor.

What Is a  Variable Frequency Drive?

A variable frequency drive or a VFD is a motor controller that is capable of driving an electric motor. It does this by varying the frequency and voltage of its power supply. The variable frequency drive is also able to control the ramp down and the ramp up of the motor when it is starting or stopping.

How to Control the Speed With a VFD?

The two main ways to control the speed of a variable frequency drive are hardwired or networked. Hardwired makes the means of communication purely electrical. Networked means that the intended speed is transmitted over a communication protocol. This protocol can be via a keypad using Display Serial Interface. Using a Modbus, or an EtherNet/IP are other options.

The speed can be controlled locally or remotely, whichever method you prefer. Local control tells the variable frequency drive to ignore external control and instead listen by means of the keypad. Remote control, on the other hand, instructs the VFD to ignore speed commands from the keypad.

Programming a Variable Frequency Drive

You are able to program the variable frequency drive depending on the model. It can be programmed with dedicated programming software, an SD card, an internal keypad, or an external keypad.

The parameters that you will have to pay attention to setting are the motor nameplate information, the braking control, the speed reference source, and the on/off control source. VFD’s also provide fault codes and the states of the input signals to help with debugging situations.

Using an Inverter Is Another Option

This is the most common and efficient way of changing the speed of the AC motor. Use an inverter as the power supply. Choose an inverter that is capable of supplying the motor voltage and the current, this includes the current that is needed to start.

Then you can use the controls on the inverter to vary the frequency that is supplied to the motor and the motor speed will vary based on the controls you move. Companies like Invertek Drives Midwest, LLC can help you choose the best inverter for your needs.

Ready to Speed Up Your AC Motor?

Now that you know your options of speeding up your AC motor from using a variable frequency drive to replacing the power supply with an inverter, are you ready to make some changes to your motor? It is time to choose the best option for your motor and circumstances and get to work.

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