Speedway to Singledom: 6 Tips for Fast Tracking Divorce Proceedings


Every recent divorcee yearns for smooth sailing in their divorce proceedings. Whether keeping both parties stay amicable and cooperative is a pipedream or an attainable goal, it’s critical to stay grounded in reality. No matter how much you strive for optimism, the fact of the matter is that two people separating can get very messy. 

Chaotic filings or spiteful settlements can bring financial ruin to both sides. Pension plans, retirement funds, and overall net worth are likely to be cut in half when you separate, and some people may never fully recover financially. In conjunction with monetary loss, divorce proceedings can have detrimental impacts on your mental and physical health as well. Those enduring divorce commonly experience psychological syndromes such as anxiety, depression, and identity crisis. The physical repercussions of a tumultuous divorce are often long-lasting. To add insult to marital injury, divorced folks are at a higher risk of developing heart conditions and weak immune systems. 

Even when the divorce is cordial and sincere, proceedings are often drawn out. A combination of intense emotion and lack of a mediator results in a struggle to reach common ground. The divorce court systems may institute mandatory “cooling off” periods where both parties are required to wait a certain amount of time before finalizing. Vindictive divorcees can use this delay to their advantage by forcing the other to accept less-than-ideal settlements. Besides draining your wallet, a prolonged divorce is also harmful to your kids and professional life. 

Separating can and should be swift and painless. That said, consider these six tips for fast-tracking the proceedings and starting a fresh new chapter. 

Opt for a mobile notary 

Several documents will require notarization as a way of ascertaining authenticity. Almost every step of the divorce will require notarized documents, starting with the initial petition papers. Other forms include financial affidavits, petition responses, and settlement agreements. Hiring a mobile notary that will work on a flexible schedule affords you convenience and simplicity. The right professional can expedite your divorce exponentially, so find a notary near you.

Prioritize your goals 

Compromise is inevitable in any divorce, but you should identify what you aren’t willing to give up to reach a healthy settlement. Ask yourself if you will need alimony or if negotiation on the house is out of the question. Stick to your goals and designate areas you are prepared to concede to get what you want. 

Utilize mediation 

Including a third party in the divorce proceedings can ensure both sides feel advocated for and heard. Mediation reduces stress, costs less than litigation, and reaches a settlement much faster than a court proceeding. Utilizing a mediator will also save both parties from costly attorney fees. 

Act early 

Striking while the iron is hot will prevent both parties from getting wrapped up in feelings of resentment or reluctance. Once you decide to pursue a divorce, prepare the necessary financial documents and meet with a lawyer. Preparing as many details as possible early on will prevent unwelcome issues later down the road. 

Trust the professionals 

Digging up every financial aspect of you and your ex-partner’s life is time-consuming and complicated. Allow a professional attorney or investigator to determine asset value, income, and debt quickly. Investing in an experienced lawyer will ensure the other party is not hiding any assets or risks and avoiding an unfair settlement. 


Custody battles and asset negotiations can quickly become needless arguments. Cooperating with your spouse doesn’t mean rolling over to their every request, but choosing your battles wisely will immensely speed up the process. Especially in the interest of children, committing to healthy co-parenting protects your kids from insecurity. 

Step into singlehood 

Fast-tracking your divorce will guard you against the financial, physical, and emotional consequences of a messy separation. As one chapter neatly closes, another one waits to be explored. 

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