Sports Betting in Illinois – Everything You Need To Know


The gambling industry in the US is on the rise. Many countries are waiting for bills to pass so they could enjoy all the perks of online wagering. However, some countries are already there, like the state of Illinois.

Thanks to the 2019 Illinois Gambling Act, all residents of legal age can now place a wager in both land-based and online sportsbooks. This means that you need to be at least 21-years old in order to place a bet in Illinois.

So, let take a closer look at all the basic information that you need to know when it comes to sports betting in Illinois.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Illinois?

Being the fifth-largest state of the USA, Illinois has the potential of becoming one of the largest sports betting markets worldwide. However, the road to legalization wasn’t an easy one. There are still many things that need to be defined that will allow the best Illinois betting sites to operate in full power. For now, you can only register in-person at a land-based casino, before being able to play online.

Furthermore, the new law did legalize physical and online sportsbook, but with some limitations. For example, a sportsbook is allowed in casinos, racetracks or if it’s close to existing sports venues.

Did Something Change During The Pandemic?

During the pandemic, the true potential of online betting was brought to light. It became obvious that sports betting online is the thing of the future. The launch of the legal market was constantly interrupted and discussed, and then the pandemic broke. However, the governing bodies of Illinois passed temporary permission that allowed players to register online without visiting a land-based casino in person. The need for social distancing was what triggered this decision, and it was in good time.

Which Operators Are Allowed On The Market?

According to the current la of Illinois, only the existing operators with land-based casinos were able to offer online sports betting. Other operators who offered only online services will have to wait an 18-month period before joining the market.

This didn’t stop some of the major players from the market to step on the online scene. They decided to join forces with the existing Illinois casinos, and this helped them avoid the waiting period. Online providers who haven’t had the funds and means to launch immediately will have to wait until late 2021 when the online-only license becomes available.

Are Mobile Betting and Betting Apps Legal in Illinois?

If you are a resident of Illinois then you have the opportunity to place a wager from your smartphone while on the go or at home. For the time being, one casino is allowed to have only one online betting platform. But even with these restrictions, mobile betting has already conquered the market.

In 2020, Illinois lawmakers have proven that they are aware of the significance of legalizing online wagering. There’s more to be done about it, but the first steps have been made. Considering how much time people, and especially sports fans, spend on their mobile devices, it wouldn’t make sense to legalize sports betting without the mobile betting option.

Illinois online betting market is supported by some of the most experienced operators in the USA and the world. So their app has the same functionality as their websites.

Is Geolocation Required?

Illinois bettors should know that sportsbooks are under obligation to check their location whenever they want to place a wager or deposit funds into their accounts in that state. This is done via geo-comply software that pings every time you visit a sportsbook online. Of course, it’s important for you to know that you don’t need to be a permanent resident of Illinois to place a wager or to use a betting app.

What Sports Can You Bet On In Illinois?

The state of Illinois allows you to bet on a huge selection of sports and events. So, perhaps it would be easier to mention the events that you can’t bet on. Firstly, betting on collegiate events whose participants are representing a college and university is prohibited. Even though there was no mentioning if eSports, according to Illinois law, some events of relative skills could be allowed. But as far as wagering on eSports is concerned, it will become more clear in the near future since this trend should become part of the regular offer in every state.


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