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5 Tips on How to Spot Fake Jewelry

Unfortunately, in 2021 everything gets counterfeited from clothes to make-up products and jewelry is no exception, in fact, fake bracelets and necklaces get identified as counterfeit less than any other item and the main reason behind this is the fact that people are not familiar with gems and metals. Some people choose to wear fake jewelry because of its affordable prices and do not realize that counterfeit jewelry can cause serious allergic reactions when it comes into contact with skin because of certain metals used in the production.

What can be done so these consequences are avoided? First of all, getting familiar with a product is the way to go, but it is challenging for an untrained eye to spot the flaws as effectively. That is why sometimes seeking professionals is the best idea. You do not have to search for them as they are already found: LegitGrails will do your jewelry authentication as well as any brand clothing analysis and their professionalism will not let slip even the closest looking replicas. You can get your authenticity certificate in the shortest amount of time by choosing the 30 minute turn-around time; the certificate will help you in the future if you ever decide to resell the item. If you still want to do the authentication on your own, we recommend checking out their legit check guides, all you need to do is find the model you are looking for and follow the steps. You can also learn where to find high-quality rings which are perfect gifts for daughter.

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Hallmark Check

When we talk about jewelry, we need to know that one of the most important details to pay attention to is a hallmark, which clarifies the exact purity of the piece’s precious metal, so the buyer knows if they are buying a genuine product that they believe they are buying. The higher the purity of metal, the higher the price is.

Hallmarks are placed in different places on different pieces of jewelry which highly depends on their brand too. For example, normally hallmarks on rings are placed inside, while some brands choose to put them on the side. Hallmarks on necklaces and bracelets are commonly put on the little closure so it does not make any difference in the design.

Every precious metal has different hallmarks. While the number for gold might commonly be in the 500’s, silver is expected to be 800+. You can see common hallmarks for different types of metals down below:

  • Gold hallmarks — 375, 500, 583, 585, 750, 916, 958, 999
  • Silver hallmarks — 800, 830, 875, 925, 960, 999
  • Platinum hallmarks — 850, 900, 950, 999

Iodine Check for Gold

If you decide to check gold at home then the iodine method might be the best choice for you. All you need to do is put one drop of iodine on gold and wait for several minutes so the chemical reaction starts. Then you should remove the iodine from the surface with a cotton ball to evaluate the results. If the gold surface has changed its color, then we can confidently say that the metal is pure, but if it happens otherwise, then unfortunately the gold is fake. Sometimes, counterfeiters use cheap metals and cover it in gold so identifying the fake with such methods will not be possible, but we have a solution for that case too: You should make a tiny scratch on the gold to see if it is just gold plating and apply a drop of iodine afterward. If the dark spot is left after the removal of iodine, then the gold is real. We recommend wiping the metal with toothpaste afterward so the dark spot is completely removed.

Sulfuric ointment Check For Silver

We all love pairing silver jewelry with our outfits, but not everybody is aware of the fact that not every silver-colored metal is actually silver. But you can check your silver at home just like gold with the help of sulfur ointment. Silver reacts with the element and turns black which is what happens after some time of wearing silver as the sulfur compounds can be found in the air too. If your silver turns black immediately with the help of sulfur ointment, then it is real, if not, then it is fake. The darkness can be removed with different methods, one of which is baking soda baths.

Fog Test For Diamonds

The very first thing you need to know about diamonds is they are extremely beautiful, the second thing is that they effectively conduct heat which means that they disperse heat very quickly. That is why the fog test works for this gem. All you need to do is hold the diamond and breathe on it. Naturally, a light fog will form on the surface and if it dissipates right away, then the diamond is real and if it takes too long, then we have to tell you that your diamond is fake.

Did You Get Certification For Jewelry?

It is vital for you to get relevant documents and certificates where the technical sides of the product are specified, which speaks a lot about the quality of the item. In some cases, such certificates are not given due to the fact that counterfeit manufactures can not prove the purity of their products, so if you do not get such documents, you should take it as a red flag. In opposite cases, the certificates might be given with fake information on it, that is why we always recommend you to get professionals to check the product for you, so you can be sure that you are paying for what you think you are getting.

When choosing the company for authentication of precious metals such as gold and silver, we recommend you to make sure of their professionalism, as in some cases it is not an easy task to tell fake products from the authentic.

Make sure the jewelry you buy is original for the well-being of you, your friends, and family members.  If you are interested in buying wholesale diamonds you can contact – Dallas.


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