Spring Fashion- Trends that add the heat to your wardrobe!

Spring is a special time of the year. It is that magical time when spring break is unleashed and outdoor parties are back in fashion. And for a lot of us (including me), this means it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul. It might be a new dress, shoes, skirts or just an overall look change, but it’s time to leave your comfy pajamas and take a good look at the fashion trends taking over.

But if you already know what style you want to model your wardrobe after, be it classic or modern- always go for a retailer that has a reputation for excellence. Azypo is a brand that has served many customers globally for years and is an excellent choice for an affordable but wonderful closet makeover.

That being said, here is what’s in style right now:

Pleated skirts

Skirts are probably the most statement fashionwear to come back in fashion this year. From the runways in Paris to beaches in the West Coast, skirts have been a staple of spring fashion for over a hundred years. However, over the last few years the skirt trend seemed to have died down. But this year has brought it back and it seems to be all about the pleated mini. Dressing with a skirt isn’t about its length or its texture, as long as you dress in a way that makes you comfortable and makes a statement about the way you hold yourself, you’re good!

Statement Cut outs

Unlike skirts, cutouts have never been out of fashion over the last decade. Whether you are crashing a party or going to a wedding,a cutout not only adds to the aesthetic of your look, it also draws in big attention- making a statement. For the perfect look,  wear these outfits with nipple petals.

Intuitively, cutouts are meant to bring out your sexy side. However, small cutouts seem to also be in fashion this summer with baggy pants and informal aesthetics.


Just because you are looking for dresses for women, does not mean it all has to be skirts and long-trained gowns. Even though sportswear came into the market as a bit of a fad, the look has established itself with its puffed up silhouettes and statement fashionwear.

To get yourself accustomed to the Y2K vibe, get yourself a pair of sporty sunglasses and wear it over quilted clothing for a chic, vintage look.

Sequins and Shimmer

Although Christmas movies would make it seem like sequins are a winter special, Valentino and Chanel can give you inspiration to introduce a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe. Be it a showstopper or a cute two piece, let your shimmer do the talking for you!

The 00s

The era of double denims, chokers and satin joggers feel like they are long lost at this point, but celebrities seem to have taken the post-noughties to heart as of late. It might feel a bit ridiculous now, but customizing and accessorizing over 2000s fashion might be what helps you stand out within the crowd.