Staying Safe in Denver, Colorado


Denver is the capital of Colorado, and many visitors come to this vibrant city each year, whether that’s on vacation or choosing to relocate. While it originated as a mining town in the 19th century, Denver has come a long way since and has a lot to offer its residents and tourists coming to enjoy their vacation. It has a strong economy and good career prospects for those looking to live and work in the city, a range of excellent cultural spots and sights to enjoy, and isn’t too far from the Rocky Mountains if you would like to enjoy some hiking, skiing, or other outdoor activities at the weekends. Denver is a relatively safe place to live, but like anywhere, there are risks that you as a visitor or resident should be wary of, so here are a few tips on staying safe in the city.

Dangerous Driving

Colorado isn’t the worst state for car accidents, but sadly, it isn’t uncommon for this to happen either. Whether you’re a pedestrian walking alongside a busy road in the city, or you’re getting behind the wheel yourself, you need to make sure that you are wary of dangerous drivers on the road. Common causes of accidents in Colorado include driving under the influence, reckless driving, speeding, and using smartphones or other devices while driving. If you do end up getting involved in a car accident in Denver and are injured, you could be eligible to take legal action. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Denver if you’re a resident to learn more about this type of claim.

Be Cautious in Certain Areas

Like any city, some parts of Denver have a higher crime rate than others, and these areas should be avoided where possible, but at least you should be cautious if you need to pass through these districts. Some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Denver area include City Park, Capitol Hill, Central West Denver, and Northern Denver. You can find more information and statistics on these areas here.

Invest in Good Home Security Systems

Even if you’re in what is classed as a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate in Denver, it’s still smart to make sure your home has a quality security system in place. You never know what will happen, and a lot of burglaries can be committed by opportunists who might see that no one is home or another opportunity to break in. There are countless smart security systems you can invest in now that will keep your home safe.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

If you are going to leave your car parked somewhere while you go shopping or run errands, always make sure your vehicle is locked and valuables are left out of sight. This is a good rule of thumb for anywhere in the world and is relevant to both residents and tourists. If you are a tourist, you might also want to think about investing in a bag that isn’t easy for pickpockets to get into, as although this isn’t too common in Denver, that doesn’t mean opportunists won’t take the chance if they see it. 

If you are visiting Denver on vacation or have recently moved to the area, use these tips to stay safe in the city.

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