Stellar Account Login: Type Of Flags Issuers Uses


Stellar Account plays an important role in making transactions as it is a necessity to create one. It holds all the lumens and transaction history of a user. Account holds all the money, and somewhere every activity conducted is linked with the account created through the stellar network. Every stellar account login comes up with a secret and a public key. The public key ensures that every transaction is done safely. However, the password is the private information that proves that the user owns the account.

Never share the password of stellar account login

The password should not be shared with anyone else as it can help anyone to unlock one’s account. But some of us may wonder how the passwords and private keys could be differentiated? The password of stellar account login is the piece of information used to generate both public and private keys for your account. For getting whole access to the account, a person should only be required to give the code instead of both public and private keys.

Steps to follow while creating a stellar account

In creating the stellar account login, a person has to follow the below steps: –

Step 1: – The first step in creating an account is creating a key and password.

Step 2: – After generating a key, a person can start making an account with a minimum balance of 1 lumen.


A person can use a friend but a friendly robot with a fat wallet present on stellar’s test network to create an account. For creating a test account, the user has to send the public key created by him/her to a friend bot to create and fund the new account using the public key as the account ID.

Step 3: – After creating the account, one should receive all the details and check the balance. Accounts are allowed to carry multiple-balances, one for each type of currency they hold.

Now when the person has got his new account, they can start doing the transaction by sending or receiving lumens (XML).

Important things in Account filed

There are many things that you have to consider in accountview stellar. Below are a few important points that are important to know-

  • Balance: It is the number of Lumens that are in the account. It is denominated in the 1/10,000,000th of the lumen. This is the smallest unit of the lumen. If you understand this divisible point, it becomes easy to understand the whole term and way of using it.
  • Sequence number:This is the number that starts equal to the number of ledgers. It is the most important thing that you have to know for easy transactions and all other reasons. It is commonly known as the current transaction number.
  • Inflation destination:This is the type of account that is designated for receiving inflation. Any account with a minimum balance of 100 XLM can vote for sending the inflation to the receiver account.
  • Home domain:This is the domain that you can add to the account, and the user will be able to visit stellar. A tool from the home domain. You can take the help of the site for getting more information so that it becomes easy to get access and other related things.

What is the type of flags issuers are using

Mainly there are three types of flags that assets issuers use; these are as follows-

  1. Authorization required (0x1): it requires the issuing account’s detail, then permission will be granted to other accounts. After the whole process, you will be able to hold the credit of the account.
  2. Authorization revocable (0x2): This will allow the issuing account to cancel the credit held by that or other accounts.
  3. Authorization immutable (0x4): If you have set this one, nothing will change. Even you cannot delete the account.

Many other things will help you get the desired benefits, but for that, it is most important to understand the basic and useful points that can give you exact information and easily use it in your favor. Hence, try to take the official site’s help and understand the way of working related to the stellar account login.

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