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Stellar Repair for Photo: A Digital Lifesaver

Stellar Repair for Photo A Digital Lifesaver

Our digital photos are of great value to us as they capture the priceless memories like party or vacations with loved ones, important life events, and celebratory milestones. However, due to human mistakes or technical glitches, we often end up accidentally losing these photos. Thankfully, Stellar Repair for Photo comes to our rescue in such tragedies.

In this review, we will give you a hands-on experience of using Stellar Repair for Photo tool to repair corrupted photos from your device or memory card. We will cover its pricing and features, and guide you through the installation and working. Additionally, we will explore the process of repairing corrupt or inaccessible photos, whether in JPEG, RAW, or any other format. So let’s dive in to see how Stellar Repair for photo works.

Usage/Application of Stellar Repair for Photo Software

Stellar Repair for Photo tool can repair a wide range of damaged photo file formats. Whether your JPEG, RAW, or TIFF images have become corrupted over time due to file deterioration, virus attacks or other issues, it can be repaired.

The software analyzes the image data and uses advanced repair techniques to reconstruct missing or corrupted pixels and restore the original photos. Its user-friendly interface allows you to browse damaged photos easily and is suitable for different types of damage, such as greyed-out, pixelated, blurry images, fuzzy, faded, grainy, or those showing errors as well. Also for old photo restoration.

Professional photographers rely on its RAW file repair capabilities to rescue important shoots worth thousands of dollars.


Stellar Repair for Photo offers a wide range of advanced features that make it one of the most used and demanded photo repair tool globally. It supports a wide range of photo formats and storage devices and can be installed in both windows and macOS PC.

The one of its kind preview feature is a breeze for users who want to review the photos before restoring. The deep repair approach in Stellar Repair for Photo tool can reconstruct photos with extreme corruption showing only blocks of colors or noise. Let’s understand them in detail.

  • Supports all Formats

Stellar Repair for Photo can repair and restore file formats ranging from JPEG, TIFF, HEIC, DNG, ARW, CR2, CR3, CRW, ERF, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, SR2, RW2, and SRF.

  • Supports all Devices

You can repair corrupt photos shot with Android phones, iPhones and iPads, DSLR, GoPro, drones, or any photography device stored in memory cards, SD cards, memory sticks, or hard drives, SSD, and other storage devices.

  • Thumbnail Recovery feature

Stellar Repair for Photo can extract the thumbnails from severely damaged files. Even if a photo is corrupted or damaged beyond repair, Stellar Repair for Photo is able to recover the thumbnail. This preserves a small visual of the photo when recovery isn’t possible.

  • Repair multiple corrupted files

The multiple photo repair function allows you to select numerous corrupted image files of various formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc. and get them repaired in one click.

  • Advanced Repair with Sample File

For severely corrupted JPEG/JPG photos, Stellar Repair for Photo provides an ‘Advanced Repair’ option. It utilizes a ‘sample file’ technique, where it analyzes a working JPEG file to understand the file structure and format. It then refers this information to assemble the corrupted photo by filling in missing data, repairing headers, and other metadata. Users simply need to provide a photo as sample for the software.

  • Offers Convenient Saving Flexibility

Stellar Repair for Photo allows you to decide where the repaired photos get stored. The software enables saving repaired images to an entirely new desired folder location. All the thumbnails are automatically stored into a separate folder.

Pricing for All Budgets

Stellar Photo Repair offers three tiers of pricing to suit different user needs and budgets.

Standard Plan – $39

The basic Standard package is perfect for occasional photo repair works. It covers fixes for corrupted image files, batch repairs, thumbnail extraction, and RAW file repair that suits professional users.

  • Repairs corrupt or damaged photos
  • Repairs corrupt RAW image files
  • Extracts thumbnails of photos
  • Repairs multiple photos at one go

Professional Plan – $59

In addition to all Standard features, it extends repairs to videos, audio files and files stored on removable drives and memory cards. Deleted RAW photos from cameras can also be restored.

  • Everything in Standard
  • Recovers photos, videos & audio files
  • Recovers from HDD, SD card, USB drive, etc.
  • Recovers deleted camera RAW image files

Premium Plan – $69 

It packs in every repair ability from the Professional plan and additional fixes for corrupt video files and batch video repairs.

  • Everything in Professional
  • Repairs corrupt videos
  • Repairs multiple videos at one go
  • Repairs popular formats — MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.

While general photo repairs can be done with the affordable Standard option, Professionals with heavy usage may get great value in the most superior Premium plan.

How to Use Stellar Photo Repair

Steps to Repair Photos with Stellar Repair for Photo.

  1. Download and install the Stellar Repair for Photo from the official website on your Windows or macOS PC.
  2. Run Stellar Repair for Photo and click on Add Files. Now select images in the next tab by browsing and selecting them. Then click on Open to add the corrupt files.
  3. The list of added corrupt files will appear in the next tab. You can add additional files if needed by clicking on the Add button. Else skip to repair by clicking on the Repair button.
  4. After its completed the Repair Complete dialog box will appear. Click OK to view the preview of repaired files.
  5. Check the Show Thumbnail box at the top of the file list. Now, select an image file, and watch the preview on the right side of the list.
  6. Next to save the files select the repaired images individually or else check the Select All to save all the files at once, click on the Save Repaired Files.
  7. In the next tab, choose the location where you want to save the repaired image files. The tool will automatically create a repaired files folder in the desired location consisting the repaired images.


The intuitive interface and wide range of repair features makes Stellar Repair for Photo and easy to use tool for both beginner and advanced users. So, whether you need to repair a single photo or an entire album, the software is a go to solution. And with a starting price of just $39, it provides excellent value for the features on offer.

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