Step up Your Halloween Game: 5 Show-Stopping DIY Costumes for Adults

It’s never too early to start planning for Halloween. There are 365 days in a year, which means you have 364 to prepare for the most important holiday: Ole Hallows Eve. With early planning, you can set up elaborate party themes, like a marvelous murder mystery, or you shop bargain prices during off-season sales and begin curating your creepy costume early.

The spooky spirit of Halloween doesn’t have to end in October—you can keep it alive year-round. After all, who says you have to retire your collection of horror movies on November 1st? Fun frights are always a delight, regardless of the season. Keep your eyes open year-round for unique finishing touches for your Halloween costume— you never know when the perfect accessory might show up. 

Why not take the time to produce a handcrafted masterpiece for this upcoming Halloween? After all, by plotting far ahead, you’ve left plenty of time to plan and perfect your ghoulish garb. Mass-produced costumes are drab, uninspired, and often uncomfortable. By hand-making your ensemble, you ensure the most excellent results. Here are a few great ideas for unusual cacklin’ costumes. 

DIY 18th Century costumes

The drama and prestige of 18th-century costumes are undeniable. You’ll undoubtedly make a splash at any spooky gathering showing up in full length, victorian dresses or knee-length petticoats. A historically-accurate costume is sure to be a crowd-pleaser— little details make all the difference. Any 18th-century fanatic born in the wrong century should explore 18th century men’s clothing options when preparing for the incoming Halloween season.  You can check out a great variety of adult Halloween costumes

Halloween Hollywood

TV stars of past golden days are an excellent choice for your costume creation. Audrey Hepburn’s clothing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is instantly recognizable and perfect for dancing your heart out to monster mash. Classy, elegant, and stylish, you’re sure to be the toast of the tomb.

Haunting Holmes

The classic coat, hat, and pipe are an excellent choice for a DIY costume. If you’re looking to mix it up, consider an undead detective. A bit of face makeup, fake blood, and your best zombie moan is all you need to add more spook to Sherlock’s suit. This costume is especially nice if you plan to be outdoors, as a detective coat is a staple for a convincing Sherlock. 

Funny food

There’s nothing better than a funny pun-fueled costume. Consider going as pigs in a blanket by sporting a snout, ears, and a blanket. Or, try out a phrase-related costume, like holy guacamole, by adding a halo and wings to a head-to-toe green outfit. Another option is heading out as a smart cookie by sporting your old graduation cap and gown underneath the cookie monster get-up.  These fancy foods are the ultimate DIY costumes sure to get a laugh from friends and family.

Perfect Paintings

The Mona Lisa or American Gothic paintings are a perfect candidate for an unusual DIY costume. All you need for a one-of-a-kind look is some poster board, a printer, and the proper makeup, jewelry, and face paint. From there, put on your best statuesque face and let the Halloween magic begin.

To wrap up (mummy style)

The heart of Halloween beats year-round. Get out and curate the best costume you can by utilizing out-of-the-box outfit ideas and wowing party guests one hand-made accessory at a time.