Steps of Article Writing – 2021 guide


An article is a precise description of some topic that is written for a larger audience. Several paper writer offer such services too. However, the main aim behind writing an article is to publish it in some newspaper, journals, or some magazine so everyone across the world can read it. The niche and nature of the topic can depend on the demand of either the reader or the mood of the writer.

Here are some of the essential elements of article writing


Definition is one of the essential elements of article writing. It has the following objectives:

  • It brings out matters of the topics of interest in the limelight.
  • It provides data and information related to the topics
  • If gives advice and suggests suggestions to the problems mentioned
  • It urges the readers to think and has an influence on them
  • It discusses several persons, stories, rising-issues, locations, and technical developments.

Format of article writing

An article should be organized in a way to draw the attention of its readers. However, its basic outline for an article writing pattern is:

  • Title or heading
  • A line with the writer’s name
  • Body having 2 or 3 paragraphs depending on the word count
  • Conclusion having an ending paragraph with the recommendation, appeal, opinion, or anticipation.

Steps for article writing format

Think of a particular topic that you want to jot down. Then you can proceed ahead once you have decided and undertake some steps one by one:

  • Target audience: mark the concerning reading groups
  • Purpose:find the aim or the objective of writing that article
  • Select and collect:gather relevant information and mark the details that are relevant and important.
  • Organize:arrange the facts and information in a logical way

Now you can proceed to the final step once you have performed all the above-mentioned points


  • Always use adequate spellings, grammar, and punctuation while you are writing an article
  • Use proper vocabulary and take help from different sources to add a proper word to make a sequel and structure of the sentence
  • Keep the introduction of the topic interesting, catching, and short
  • Discuss the matter and opinion in a descriptive and organized way.

Common mistakes that the writers make in the pattern of article writing

As the steps are discussed in detail and clear to you, the occurrence of mistakes is obvious. Some of the mistakes are mentioned as below:

  • Not using quotes or facts or some similar cases
  • The language must not be too formal
  • The article should be in easy to understand language so the readers can understand it better
  • The title of the article should be clearly understandable and catchy
  • Less to no use of paragraphs
  • Expression of personal opinion is fine, but the writer should never talk about themselves in any aspect

The topic of the article must be relevant and unique. The article must be catchy enough to get all the attention that is required.

Learning how to write great articles can lead you to explore the works of great writers for inspiration. What Made Mark Twain the Father of American Literature? shows how Twain’s unique style and stories left a big mark on American writing, a good lesson for anyone wanting to improve their own writing.

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