Steps To Choose A Perfect Cricket Bat


People always have unique perceptions when it comes to perfection. And the definition of perfect is different for different people. If you wish to shop cricket bats online, you must have exact and sensible answers to a few questions. What do you exactly need? Are you a hard hitter or stroke player ? What is your budget? The answers to these questions can vary depending upon their likings, playing style, and others.

If you are a budding batsman and want to buy a suitable cricket bat, there must be clarity on a few things. You must decide if you need a bat for recreational purposes or professional use, your batting order, your playing style, the pitch you are playing on etc.  Answering this question will help any web portal understand how much you should invest into bat, and following which, they’ll be able to know which willow falls best in that price range. If you’re getting bats only for recreational purposes or in the initial days and just started training for tournaments, you should go for low-priced English willow bats. Talking about the ones who are into professional games, they can choose from high-quality and expensive English willow bats.

How To Pick A Suitable Cricket Bat?

Before going to the technical aspects, one should have a fair idea about the weight and pickup of their previous bats that is perfect for them. You can also consider the following few technical aspects:

  1. The handle and grip- There are two kinds of handles, one is a round handle, and the other is an oval one. You can choose according to your preferences and needs. The bats with oval-shaped handles are said to be good at giving directions to the ball, and the bats with round handles are used for big hits as they provide better grip. M.S Dhoni uses bats with round handles, whereas Virat Kohli uses oval-shaped bats. People with less than six feet should use bats with short handles, and those with six feet height should use bats with longer handles.
  2. The toe of the bat- It is said that the toes of the bat should be rounded so that chances of damage are minimized while taking guard.
  3. The number of grains- More the number of grains, the better the bat is. Generally, it helps to get better rebounds while you hit the shots. But higher number of grains results in a shorter lifespan of cricket bats. Whereas bats with lower no. of grains take more preparation time but generally have higher lifespan.
  4. Spine and sweet spot- Look for a higher spine to have a deeper and larger sweet spot, undoubtedly enhancing the quality of shots. Getting to the sweet spot position, you should go for low bats if you’re a driver, medium if you’re a front foot batter, and high bat if you’re a hitter so that it makes swinging easy.

Do not forget to knock and oil the bat before use. Anti-scuffing sheets can be advised as they protect the bat from moisture and face damages. But always remember you should be very comfortable with the bat you are using. You must choose the best online store to buy custom made cricket bats online. You may get to see a variety of options.




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