Steps to preserve and care for your paintings

Learning how to preserve and take care of your paintings is an essential part of creating an art collection. There are many paint collectors out there who have been collecting famous paintings and artwork for a long period of time.

There are many steps that can be taken in order to take immense care of the paintings that are to be collected. You can visit platforms like Malerkanonen in order to get a better idea about preservation of artwork.

Nevertheless, here are some of the major steps that can be taken in order to preserve paintings;

1. Avoid direct sunlight

One of the major reasons why most of the artwork is damaged is that it is exposed to the sunlight. A lot of collectors keep their artwork under the sunlight which makes it pretty much damaged. In order to preserve your artwork, it is important to avoid direct sunlight and keep it under shade. Avoid hanging artwork where sunlight is normal. This is perhaps the most important thing to do if you are much into paintings.

2. Pay attention to humidity

The next step to take into account is that you need to avoid humidity as well. Sunlight is not the only thing that can cause damage to your paintings. Humidity is an important factor as well. Amount of water in the air can have a great impact on the paintings. Humidity in your house can be monitored using different technological devices. It is recommendable to keep the humidity level at 55% which is ideal for preservation of paintings.

3. Watch your hands

This is perhaps the most obvious tip of all. All the paint collectors need to keep a watch at their hands. Make sure you avoid touching the paintings directly without wearing any sort of protection. It is recommended to wear gloves at all times when dealing with paintings. When paintings are exposed to fingertips, it is also exposed to natural oils. These natural oils can be damaging to the paintings out there.

4. Do not clean your paintings

One of the major mistakes that most people commit is to clean the paintings when it is exposed to dust. This will entirely ruin your painting. Using cleaners or solvents on the painting can harm it in a major way. There are certain protocols to follow when it comes to getting rid of dust. A soft feather duster or brush can be used in order to dust off the artwork. This is the most ideal way to get rid of dust.

5. Keep the artwork separated all the time

Another mistake committed by a lot of people is that they save their artwork along with other items. It is recommendable to keep the artwork separated all the time. You can even use certain protective items such as mat board and cardboard to keep it completely safe and secure. Keeping artwork separate from all the other items can help in keeping it protected, safe and secure all the time.