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Stories Behind the Famous Commercial Stars

Stories Behind the Famous Commercial StarsWhenever we watch television shows, we would be exposed to tons of different commercials. While most of us flip through channels when commercials are being aired, some find watching these TV ads just as entertaining as the regular programming. Along the way, they also find appealing characters in their favorite commercials, and TV viewers may identify themselves with them and think that the product won’t be the same without that particular endorser!

You see, that’s the objective of every company and advertising agency — to be able to find someone who can (and will) instantly establish a connection to their audience. And these TV commercial stars are proof of their ad campaign’s success!

While many famous celebrities got their start from appearing in commercials, others became accomplished in other career paths. Other people have already carved a name in show business but somehow found bigger fame by appearing on commecials. How many of them do you remember?