Stories of Civilian Self-Defense


We often find that news about civil defense rarely gets adequate media coverage. Sadly, the armed good guys stopping violent criminals don’t make the headlines. The same cannot be said for the coverage of the taking of innocent lives. Bias plays a role, but the media does not cover an event that did not happen. The case of a good guy stopping a violent event before it kills innocent people will never make headlines. It’s important to remember, however, that these stories need to be covered to educate non-gun owners before they head to the voting booth.

If a restraining order is not followed, firearms can save the day

If a woman from Jacksonville, Florida, simply relied on a temporary restraining order to stop her ex-boyfriend from approaching her home, it would end very sadly. When her ex violated the security order and smashed a window just after midnight, the 25-year-old woman had a Smith and Wesson in the corner.

All the facts were collated in such a way that a few minutes later the 24-year-old abusive man lay dead. Immediately thereafter, the woman called 9-1-1, and authorities found the intruder in the master bedroom full of holes.

As it is not terrible, but the death of one person helped the woman and her children to avoid a violent intrusion into the house without any damage.

Let’s look at part of the WJXT report:

There are many lessons to be learned from this horrific incident, one of which is that the only thing stopping a bad person with an evil heart is a nice guy (or, in this case, a woman) with a gun. The police may not always be around and cannot guarantee the protection of every person. And, apparently, restraining orders too.

At its best, for a determined person who doesn’t care about playing by the rules, a restraining order offers subtle protection. However, this is not always the case.

Californian woman shoots home invader armed with a hammer

If a restraining order is not followed, firearms can save the day

In early June 2019, a woman from Bakersfield, California was forced to practice her Second Amendment rights and protect her family and property by shooting an invader who threatened her with a hammer.

According to 23 ABC, Andrew Oldham stalked the woman and mother in the morning before entering their property. After several requests to leave their property and warnings that the police had already been called, Oldham refused to leave the house. After that, the woman, who, according to family members, knew the attacker, threatened to shoot the suspect. However, even after that, the man did not leave. As a result, the victim was forced to pull the trigger and subsequently shot the man. The police arrived at about 8:15 am and found him with “moderate bodily injuries” and an armed hammer. He was taken to a local hospital. After a medical examination, KCSO officials said he was “charged with robbery, burglary, threatening children, and assault with deadly weapons.”

A local news channel quoted an unidentified woman who knew the victim in an article

“She hopes Oldham won’t get out of prison ‘for long’ and said she was still shocked by the incident and surprised at how well she did handle the situation. ”

A Pew Research Center poll last year found that 48 percent of gun owners say they have a firearm for protection, but it’s far less likely that these legitimate gun owners will ever have to use a gun in a situation like the one described above.


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