Straight Razor vs. Disposable: Which One Works Better?


There’s nothing quite like a close shave, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine which product is going to give you the best results. The two most popular options, a straight razor and a disposable one, seem to do a great job in clearing away all that unwanted face fur. However, there are some differences that may have you reaching for a different blade when it’s time to shave. Continue reading for a few reasons why choosing a straight-edge razor makes a big difference in how you perform basic facial hair maintenance.

Straight to the Point

The go-to tool for shaving has long been the straight razor, consisting of a long blade attached to a swivel handle that folds the edge away when not in use. It can take a little while to learn how to use one of these tools, as shaving with a straight-edge razor takes time and patience. These razors are made of highly durable steel and require frequent sharpening to maintain their keen edge. With the right razor and honing leather, it can even become a family heirloom.

Disposable Devices

While a straight-edge razor may feel like the classier option, some people shy away from slower shaves and inconvenient sharpening for the ease of disposable razors. Safety razors started this trend by allowing shavers to remove dull blades instead of taking time to hone the edge. Eventually, the entire head of the razor was designed to be removable, and customers simply popped the unwanted piece into the trash.

Disposable razors generally have multiple blades built in. Usually consisting of two to four, this is supposed to allow the tool to make multiple passes at once on a stubble-covered face. The handle is generally made of sturdier materials, with some brands making them as unique and inviting as their single-bladed counterparts. Even so, making an heirloom out of disposable razors would be tough since there’s no way to resharpen the blades once dulled.

Cutting It Close

The primary advantage of a straight razor is its cutting edge. With the ability to sharpen the blade, you can control how keen the edge is; this can help you avoid razor burn since you’ll require fewer strokes to remove stubborn stubble. On the other hand, a dulled disposable razor may need several passes to remove all of the hair, and with three blades, you’re raking it against your skin at least nine times!

All of that skin scraping will eventually lead to a sore razor burn. Initially, straight-edge adopters may find they’re getting some razor burn as well. As shavers improve their technique, taking it slow and steady, they begin to notice the single blade does a much better job. The deliberate pace necessary for shaving with a straight blade turns the experience into a sort of ritual as well, giving you a clean shave you can take pride in every day.

Economically Environmental

There’s no way to escape the fact that disposable razors are expensive, though it may not seem so at first. The initial cost of a handle and two blades can be purchased pretty cheaply, but most shavers soon discover that the cost of replacing dull heads adds up rather quickly. For example, if a pack of replacement heads costs you $20 a month, that’s a $240 yearly investment!

Straight razors are exempt from that wasteful line of thinking. While the up-front costs of a straight-edged shaver appear a bit costly, the fact that customers only need to buy a single razor and honing leather throughout their lives is quite the consolation! In addition, you can feel great about not contributing to the growing trash problem. A reusable razor keeps dull blades out of landfills and oceans, something more purposeful shavers can feel proud of.

Precision and Quality

There are fine disposable razors out there, but they are bound to be expensive. A disposable with a beautiful handle and long-lasting five-bladed heads seems like a shaver’s dream, but there is a cost to all of that quality. In comparison, straight-edged razors that are made from quality materials last a long time; you won’t be throwing away your expensive blade when it’s gone dull!

A multi-bladed disposable also won’t be as precise as a high-end straight-edged razor. The fine point on a straight edge can get into places and clean out contours better than any blade-crowded contraption could. This amount of control makes straight-edge razors the perfect choice for maintaining beards and mustaches as well.

A Straight Razor or Disposable One?

At the end of the day, shaving is an intimate routine that doesn’t have any correct answers. Anyone looking for a quick and easy shave may gravitate towards disposable options. However, for those looking for some more flavor in their morning rituals, a straight razor provides a close shave, and with proper care, it can last you and your family a lifetime.

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