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Strangest and Most Unusual Conspiracy Theories of All Time

Conspiracy Theories

Some of the craziest conspiracy to ever exist have been thought up and brought up from the dark corners of the internet. And what is amazing with these conspiracy theories is that each of them has gained some sort of following. They have Youtube videos, websites, documentaries, papers, and even books that people presented to “expose the truth” or maybe just to get online attention. But hardly any of it comes to an end. Let’s admit it, reading these conspiracy theories are fun and entertaining to read. That’s why in this article, we are going to list down the strangest and most unusual conspiracy theories of all time.

Lizard People

No weird conspiracy theory list will be complete without mentioning the lizard people because it’s like the mother of all conspiracy theories. This is because of one man named David Icke who popularized the theory in his book entitled “The Biggest Secret”. It states that the world’s top leaders, executives, and celebrities are cold-blooded, shape-shifting, reptilian humanoids that are seeking to control the world. Icke says that they are also the people behind Freemasons and the Illuminati. And these reptilian humanoids are aliens from the constellation called Draco. According to research done by Public Policy Polling, there are about twelve million Americans who believed that lizard people are ruling the world.

The Antikythera Mechanism

In 1901 a mysterious artifact from 150 to 200 BC was discovered on a shipwreck off the Island of Antikythera, Greece. This mysterious ancient artifact has a “complex clockwork mechanism” which predicts eclipses, planetary movements, and it also served as an astrological calendar. But what’s strange with this artifact is the technology it has was not seen anywhere else until the 14th century. Is this because of time travel? Aliens? The Illuminati? Or the Atlantis? We will never know. But what we know for sure is that there’s a conspiracy theory for each of them.

The FEMA Coffins

FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been under fire for some time. This is because somebody found thousands of plastic coffins that are stacked near a road in Georgia in 2008. The agency and the government claim that those coffins are for soldiers who die in combat but others thought that the coffins are there for when the government passes martial law and when people will die in internment camps. But until today, nothing ever came of the coffins.

The Phantom Time Hypothesis

According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis, the months and years between 614 and 911 AD never existed and the Middle Ages that we know was only fiction. This theory was coined by a historian named Heribert Illig in 1991 and he said that the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII worked together and write in extra 297 years of history which never happened. And theorists say that the three did this because they wanted to place themselves in the significant and special year of 1000 AD and also validate Holy Roman Emperor Otto III’s claim to the throne.

The Earth is Hollow

According to this strange theory, the Earth has a hollow body that has entrances to the core at the South and North Poles. While other versions of the theory states that there are holes in different parts of the Earth which leads to the core. The hollow earth theory was actually considered by some scientists during the 17th century but it got disapproved in 1778. But some people think that the hollow earth theory is still up for debate because there are several websites that show evidence that the Garden of Eden and other lost civilizations are located inside the core of the Earth and some websites even have a list of the people who already visited the core.

The Denver Airport is Managed by the Illuminati

The Denver International Airport has been bombarded with a lot of conspiracy theories ever since it was constructed. And on this theory, theorists claim that the horse with the red glowing eyes that you can see at the entrance is evil. And the presence of gargoyles at the baggage claim is also considered evil by some people. But the designers of the building just wanted the horse and the gargoyles to be protectors just like in a church. Theorists also believed that the designers of the building put some hidden Nazi and satanic symbols on the wall and that the runways form a swastika. Other evidence that supports the conspiracy theory is the missing money, delayed construction, and the fact that Freemasons were involved while the airport was being constructed.

The Moon is Fake

Let’s forget about the debate on whether or not humans walked on it. But let’s focus in this conspiracy theory that straight up think that the moon is fake. A lot of people actually believes this theory even David Icke, the man who created the theory about the lizard persons. According to some man named Mad Revisionist, the moon could be anything like a hologram or a painted balloon that is held in place by helium.

Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids

Vince Fenech, a creationist teacher and Evangelist pastor, along with other former Republican candidates believes that dinosaurs existed with humans and even helped them build the pyramids. On the other hand, some sources claim that pyramids were built during Jurassic times have been found. Just imagine a group of Tyrannosaurus Rex building the pyramids with their tiny arms.

The Nazis Moved to Antarctica

If you believe the conspiracy theory of Hitler not being dead, then you probably heard this one too. Basically, Hitler along with the Nazi Party was exploring Antarctica during the Second World War and that they also sent an expedition there to build a base. And they did, in fact, claim a part of Antarctica and called it New Swabia. But this conspiracy theory claims that Hitler and the Nazis were experimenting on a technology that was sent to them by aliens and they discovered a series of vast underground tunnels and caves where they set up their community and theorists say that they are still living there until today.

The Earth is Flat

This is a conspiracy theory that should have disappeared a long time ago. Believers of this theory are called Flat Earthers and they believe that, well, the Earth is flat like a disc. And they say that the Arctic circle is in the center and Antarctica is a 150-foot tall wall of ice that is located on the edges. Flat Earthers also believes that it is NASA’s duty to keep the Earth’s borders safe so no one could climb up and fall off. They believe that the moon and sun float above us and the sun is a spotlight which shines on different parts of the earth in different points every day.

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